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Cave Mountain Lake, Virginia

1st off - has any one noticed lately that there are a lot more "No-Reply Commentors" on your blog? i have. it seems weird to me? wonder what is going on with that, google maybe having issues or??! 

"Cave Mountain Lake", Virginia is a gorgeous area. they do have a campground. we did not stay. just checked it out for future notices in case we are in the area & wished to stay there in the future ...they have a beach, picnic area & hiking trails. i am only guessing but have you ever noticed that a great deal of these places were made by the "Civilian Conservation Corps", smart men. they last & are just amazing quality.

a nice getaway for sure. Beth ( :


Revrunner said…
After yesterday's freezing cold temperatures, I'd be tempted to light a fire in that fireplace.
Linda Kay said…
Looks like an inviting place, and a great spot for just peaceful writing.
Sandra said…
i like that log building, i have a passion for log anything. yes i have noticed the no reply, and i don't like it at all
Cattails said…
Very pretty place. Betsy's blog had bridges built by CCC today! You get to visit such scenic places; thanks for sharing with us. Happy Thanksgiving with love, me
I'd love to see the James River in person. So much Civil War history there. The cabin looks like one along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hey, love your new profile pic. Is it new or did I finally notice it??
TexWisGirl said…
neat looking place. :)

if folks use the google+ i.d. for their blog, google won't allow their email to be used and it goes to 'no-reply' crap. apparently they want you to use google+ to correspond. not gonna happen for me. :)
don said…
I liked the trails which looked so inviting for walkers. The CCC work does always seem to be very well done and has lasted many years.
George said…
That does look like a wonderful place to camp. We have a state park near us built by the CCC -- the buildings and bridges are beautiful.
William Kendall said…
The area does look quite inviting.

I have noticed the odd person whose profile is set so private that I'll never find out if they blog themselves.
Missy George said…
Beautiful area! Great place to go camping. Great pictures!
Michelle said…
Looks like a beautiful spot.
Ruth Hiebert said…
The area looks beautiful and peaceful.
Ida said…
That does look like a nice play to visit. You are lucky to get to travel so much.
Ida said…
That does look like a nice play to visit. You are lucky to get to travel so much.
Ida said…
That does look like a nice play to visit. You are lucky to get to travel so much.

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