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Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, Hayward, Wisconsin

"Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame", Hayward, Wisconsin. i am not a fisherwoman, but i have always been amazed by folks who do fish. all the hard work you do to make those stats. i must say i would prefer to see all these fish in the sea. not on the wall like this ...but what can you do? have you ever seen any of these fish alive before? this salmon above is so cool!!

did i mention that the hubby had a speed boat when we 1st started dating. it was awesome. but i always thought it needed to go FASTER. i love a fast boat. then the goober sold the thing. i miss it big time. he got rid of it because we didn't use it enough. kind of hard when you don't live near any BIG bodys of water. guess we need to move. he loved all the boat motors at this place. i now own a huge SD card of boat motors, what??! yep, i do. any one else in the world who can say that, can YOU say the same thing???!!!??!!!!

do you love to fish? Beth ( :


Lynn said…
nope can't same the same thing :-)...I grew up with fishermen, spent a lot of time hating that I did, wish I hadn't cuz now I find those reels cool.
Sandra said…
my hubby has always been and avid fisherman, he prefers deep sea fishing but not on the big head boats, he likes going with just 3 or 4 people... i have had several talks with him about catch and release fishing and about i know it hurts those big fish.. fish for food if you need it is my motto... not for fun. hubby would love this museum and has caught many of the fish on the wall. i was NOT with him
Revrunner said…
Just had some sockeye on the dinner plate a few days ago. Probably couldn't have caught it myself if I had tried. :-)
Betsy Adams said…
Hi Beth, I have never enjoyed fishing --but my Daddy loved it. He and his buddies would take a weekend trip on occasion to fish. I also have 2 sons who enjoy fishing. My youngest especially (and his wife) love to go fishing... SO--the love for fishing is definitely "in" the family.
TexWisGirl said…
love the muskie lookout with folks in the mouth! too cool!
George said…
I'm not a fisherman, but this does look like an interesting museum. I can honestly say that I don't have an SD card full of boat motors, but don't ask about waterfalls.
don said…
You hit an museum of fishing related items that must have been very exciting to you. A display of reels and especially all those motors would be very interesting to me.
William Kendall said…
That is an entirely different place to get a view from! Terrific shots.

I'm not into fishing myself- or eating seafood- but I wouldn't mind paying a visit here.
Missy George said…
Are you still love fishing. We used to have a motorboat. When I was very little I used to fish off the side of the dock.squid, and a hook on the end of the string. I caught lots of interesting things. The men used to take the fish off for me.
Ruth Hiebert said…
Those outdoor fish are quite interesting and HUGE.
Missy George said…
That was supposed to be..."I used to love fishing"..I dictate my comments and forget to check them sometimes..It's amazing sometimes what they think I say..
Gail Dixon said…
You visit the most interesting places. I have never seen a sockeye salmon before. Very cool!
Pamela Gordon said…
I have a brother-in-law that would enjoy seeing this place. He lives on the mighty Miramichi River here in NB - one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the world.

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