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not all kayaks are alike???!

i never realized how different kayaks can be??! you have seen pics of our kayaks. these you see seem to sit more on top of the water, they are more different to steer, & not as smooth. we didn't bring our own paddles so that was a real differences too. who knew it could be so different. we did bring our own life jackets and hats.

just so you know for future reference NOT ALL KAYAKS are equal. 

i think the hubby liked it. me - major learning curve. i did the best i could. & considering all the great pics i took, in my most humble opinion, it could have gone a whole lot worse. ha. ha!!! pics taken Sept. 28th, 2014. Beth ( :


The more reason to go kayaking, right? :-)
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous pictures, Beth. You two are so lucky to visit these beautiful places and thanks for sharing with us!
I'm still rooting for equal rights for kayaks.
Yes, you certainly got beautiful pictures!
Linda Kay said…
I would be hanging on for dear life, not taking pictures. Good job!
TexWisGirl said…
if you didn't capsize, i'd say you did well. :)
I have never been in a kayak. Did have a canoe at one time.
don said…
I could imagine how hard it would be get the kayaks to do your bidding. Nice shots regardless!
Sandra said…
i love that last shot of the water.. since i don't fly or float, the kayak will be just to look at and they are pretty
William Kendall said…
I'd rather use a canoe!

Beautiful shots!
This N That said…
Great pictures Beth..Lovely area...
MarmePurl said…
We just purchase a new pair of Kayaks that have yet to be tried out. I am indeed bit afraid of the learning curve next season.
Sure will be fun though...maybe you'll paddle right on by me on one of these beautiful Virginia rivers.
eileeninmd said…
You must have done great, kayaking and taking photos.. I have not tried kayaking! Wishing you a happy week!
George said…
I hadn't thought about the different kinds of kayaks. I would say you did a great job of getting photos while paddling your kayak.
Happy Kayaking!!!! I'm sure that you and hubby have a great time. I don't know much about the different types of Kayaks ---but I do know that some people like to kayak on smooth water --and others like the rough water...

Happy Thanksgiving. Great photos, Beth.
Ida said…
You do have fun adventures. If and I repeat "if" I were to try kayaking it would be on a calm lake and for sure I'd be wearing a life jacket since I can't swim.

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