Beaver Creek Lake, Virginia

on Monday October 6th, 2014 the hubby i took a day kayaking trip to "Beaver Creek Lake". such a gorgeous day. a bit windy. we enjoyed a "Crozet Pizza", so delicious. a fun picnic. next time i will be sure to share some pizza pictures... completely forgot that part. ( :

if you recall my "Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park" posts ...we rented 2 kayaks they had available & this was the 1st kayaking trip we had taken since that trip ...our kayaks are totally different. different length, shape, you sit within the kayak totally opposite. if you have not ridden in a kayak or canoe - you really don't understand. but it is like riding in a car on the opposite side, or trying to write with a hand that you don't normally write with. so wild. i just continued to feel something was off or strange? we had our normal paddles again. it was like teaching yourself to row again. wild times. we had a blast. also the weather was changing so (cold front coming in) - the wind was blowing from all directions. usually you can get close to the shore & stay out of the wind. not this time matter where you were the wind was push at you. great for exercise but so different. can i say DIFFERENT one more time?

enjoy your 1st day of December. stay warm. Beth ( :


Refreshing and awakening, kayaking when it's windy and cold can be invigorating but I always enjoy a nice nap afterwards!...:)JP
Linda Kay said…
Well, that post is certainly different! Have never had the pleasure of kayaking, and not sure I'd have the strength for keeping control despite the wind. Glad you are enjoying it.
MadSnapper said…
happy first day of Dec... Kayak is good for the health and good for your soul..
EG CameraGirl said…
Thanks for taking us back to the beautiful days of October. :))
TexWisGirl said…
pretty blue hues in these. thanks for the look back!
don said…
You find such good lake for kayaking. I can imagine how the varying wind makes it hard to keep going in a given direction.
don said…
You find such good lake for kayaking. I can imagine how the varying wind makes it hard to keep going in a given direction.
The water and rock are beautiful. No water here that isn't covered in ice, so your post is a refreshing sight. :-)
Anonymous said…
I love nature pictures
Anonymous said…
My fav time of the year - lovely photos. me
Debbie said…
I have never been kayaking in my life, and it's actually something that I want to do. That lake looks incredibly peaceful.

(And I remember staying at Yogi Bear Jellystone Park campgrounds growing up. I don't know how they look now, but back then they had a huge Yogi with a picnic (or pic-a-nic if you're talking like Yogi) basket. We used to stand in it for a photo op.

Thanks for the memory!

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