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Lake Louise gondola ride

our gondola ride while at Lake Louise ...just amazing. we had an amazing dinner drooling over this view. it's funny how you think you get all the essential shots & then you get home and realize you must have never taken a meal picture? oops!!! 

saw a grizzly bear. pics i will share very soon. there are fences every where surrounding the area because bears are known to be so close. 

my question is: if a bear really wanted to get through, would those electrical fences really keep them out? or is it just something to make us think it is keeping us safe??! Beth ( :


eileeninmd said…
Beautiful scenic shots from your Lake Louise visit. I like the mountains.. Thanks for sharing your trip! Happy Monday!
Linda Kay said…
Hi, Beth. I'm not sure about the Grizzly, guess it depends on how hungry the fellow is. I love the last picture with the flowers.
TexWisGirl said…
what a neat experience! looks beautiful!
don said…
A fine series of pretty pictures. I have the feeling the bear would go wherever he wanted to...regardless of pain.
Such beautiful views! No idea about the bear, but I am glad that there wasn't a problem! xx
William Kendall said…
Gorgeous views!

The bear will come through if he really wants to, but the idea is that it'll give him a moment to think, "is this really worth my bother?"
This N That said…
Lovely shots..beautiful scenery..great country!!
Rose said…
I can only imagine the fun you had!
Unknown said…
With all these gorgeous views, who would care to even look at food?!?!?!...:)JP
Ruth Hiebert said…
I'm glad someone is riding that gondola and getting the pictures. I have been on one and would prefer never to do so again.BTW,I am back to work and the ankle feels good.
Tanya Breese said…
oh it's beautiful beth and i can't wait to see the bear, how exciting! i think i've taken a million pictures of a place then get home and realize i missed a bunch ha!
Michelle said…
These are some beautiful views!
barbara l. hale said…
Gorgeous pictures, Beth! That's a place I need to visit!!

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