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Duck Donuts, Virginia

Some one got super excited about her visit to "Duck Donuts" & completely forgot her camera ... these are Iphone pics. I would say these are a cake donut. Not sure what the real experts would say?

1. Shredded Coconut with Vanilla Icing, 2. Vanilla Icing, 3. Chocolate Icing, 4. Glazed, 5. Maple Icing, 6. Maple Icing with Bacon, 7. Lemon Icing, 8. Cinnamon Sugar, 9. Orange Icing, 10. Peanut Butter Icing, 11. Strawberry Icing, 12. Powdered Sugar.

It is funny what you learn about your significant other when ordering donuts, the hubby doesn't like powered donuts, I DO!! We didn't get a bare donut, aka a naked donut, no topping in other words??! I love a donut no matter what it is caked in!!! We did try the Maple Icing with Bacon 1st. It was salty & sweet all at the time same time, very confusing to me. Would you try it? Are you hungry yet? Beth ( :


Anonymous said…
I would NEVER turn down ANY doughnut!!!!! My favorite is powdered sugar! me
TexWisGirl said…
don't think i'd want a bacon donut, even if it was good. :) i like powdered donuts but just don't breathe in. i like sugared and cinnamon ones. like frosted (without sprinkles) as long as the frosting is not chocolate. :)
Linda Kay said…
Beth, sounds so yummy....I would pick a bear claw or an apple fritter, but if only donuts, I like plain glazed.
Melissa said…
Peanut butter donut?? OMG I need one of those right now!

I'm not sure on the bacon one...I like maple and I like bacon but I'd be a bit nervous to try them together on a donut.
William Kendall said…
Maple icing and bacon? That's new.

I'm not really one for doughnuts (chocolate is a different story), but I would be inclined to try Boston cream every once in awhile.
Missy George said…
I like Jelly donuts!! No peanut butter...:0
Pepper Medley said…
Bring on the donuts! Love 'em!!

I like sweet and salty combinations, but am never sure about bacon and sweet for some reason. Isn't it funny how we are all different!! xx
Stephanie said…
I would down the the bacon for sure. Not a fan. But those other sweet ones for sure especially the peanut butter icing. Now I have a sudden craving for a donut.
eileeninmd said…
I love donuts. But, no the bacon donut seems weird to me.. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!
don said…
Yes I'm hungry. I like to try several to determine which I prefer. :-)
Michelle said…
I would love to try the maple/bacon doughnut. A lemon filled doughnut is my favorite!
Marie C said…
Yum! Yep, my mouth is watering! :-)
Rose said…
I love the little bitty powdered donuts...the ones you can cram the whole thing in your mouth if you try almost. Don't especially like full sized ones...don't dislike them.

I would have tried the hubby would have loved the maple.
I keep hearing about bacon sweets, but haven't tried any yet. My favorite donut is the plain jane glazed..LOVE them! But can't have them anymore. :( Have a super day!
Betsy Adams said…
Hi there, Just stopping by to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to you. I’m sure you are having a fabulous day. I celebrated yesterday when one of my sons and his beautiful wife came to see us….

As you probably know, we’ve been out-of-town this past week and I haven’t done any blogging much at all. I hope you enjoyed my two Tulip blog posts while we were gone——and be sure and tune in tomorrow morning to find out what we’ve been doing this past week….

Enjoyed your post today. Your donuts made me hungry. Not sure I'd want a bacon maple one though... I'd probably choose the peanut butter one since I love PB.... ha

Judy said…
I would try the Maple Icing with Bacon one, just to try it :) They all look so YUMMY!!
Betsy said…
I am NOT going back into this place for a while - I love these donuts WAY to much. Well not until I lose some more weight anyway and then they will be my treat. I love bacon and maple muffins, so a bacon donut would be so good.
Maggid said…
so, there i was riding a trail with you on the "creeper' and i noticed an opportunity to click on Duck Donuts . . . so, my bike riding took a fabulous turn . . . no, that's alright, you go along ahead - I'll simply entertain myself here . . . (giggle)

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