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Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming

wanted to let you know what this sign said - I did try to zoom in but I'll just type it up, here goes: "Wyoming - Hell's Half Acre - This unique setting of natural beauty covers approximately 320 acres. Viewed from a point of maximum depth, its walls and pinnacles show soft and varied hues comparable to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. 
Investigation has confirmed that in former days the Indians drove great herds of buffalo into this depression for slaughter. Flint arrowheads and buffalo bones have been found here.
A detachment of Captain B.L.E. Bonneville's party visited this site in July 1833. This area has been dedicated to Natrona county by the Federal Government."

It was a quick hike to get to the fenced in area. "Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming" reminds me a lot of "Badlands National Park, South Dakota", "Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah" or even a bit like "Goblin Valley State Park, Utah". Beth

hope you can see the fences, it was & is there... linking up to "Good Fences" with Theresa & all her friendly fence friends. ( :


eileeninmd said…
Hello Beth, what a sad place and ending for the buffalo. Thanks for sharing your visit and images. Have a happy day!
EG CameraGirl said…
I think I'd enjoy seeing this for myself! Thanks for sharing, Beth!
TexWisGirl said…
some rough terrain, for sure! thanks for linking, e!
carolann said…
Thanks for sharing.
magnoliasntea said…
Interesting post! I've never been to Wyoming and not sure if I ever heard of the Half Acre so I enjoyed the photos very much. I do, however, wonder who did the investigating on the arrowheads and bones because the slaughter sounds more like something white men would have done rather than Native Americans, don't you think? Of course, if they were killed one or a few at a time for life giving sustenance then it may have been the natives, after all. In any case, it's an interesting place.
Have a great weekend! :)
Ruth Hiebert said…
This has a unique beauty about it,Thanks for sharing these photos.
barbara l. hale said…
I love terrain like that. Thanks for the post! I think we may go to Wyoming next year and should keep this place on the horizon.
Missy George said…
So sad for the buffalo...Is there any place you have not been??
Anonymous said…
Amazing photos and perfect for the fence linkup! Have a great day. me
I haven't been here, but it does remind me of the badlands, which I have driven through a few times.
Have a great day!
William Kendall said…
Stark but beautiful. It does remind me of the Badlands, both in the Dakotas and in Alberta.
Rose said…
Such a unique land! Imagine seeing this for the first time after living where we now live. Even now, I would feel like I was an alien visiting a new planet.
Another incredible place you have taken us to! xx
Oh what a fantastic place and history Beth Thank you for sharing. hug B
Michelle said…
I've been to Bryce and The Badlands, but not to Hell's Half Acre. Now I need to go!!
Interesting post and place
Judy said…
Wow, this would be a good place to see when we venture westward again someday.
Judy said…
Wow, this would be a good place to see when we venture westward again someday.
don said…
A fine series on this remarkable area nature has created. It's an impressive place to visit I would think.
I seriously didn't think there was such a place!!! (I live a sheltered life!)

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