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Skidmore Reservoir, Virginia

On gorgeous clear day 6/29/2015, the hubby & I went to "Skidmore Reservoir, Virginia" to kayak & to see if the claim on this website was true... "If you would like to fish in one of the most beautiful places in the Commonwealth, then Skidmore Reservoir is the place for you."

Please take a listen to this vlog. We did talk to a local who said this reservoir is normally very quiet and no one around. For some reason this day there was a big girl group there, at least 20 or more. Guess we will have to get back there when it is more calm. it's 118 acres. We are not fisher-folks, but we love a gorgeous lake, reservoir or any kind of body of water. So fun!! What do you think, is this reservoir living up to the claim?  Beth ( :


It's gorgeous there! I thought it looked peaceful, but I had the speaker turned off. :-)
eileeninmd said…
Hello Beth, it does look like a pretty place. I love the views of the water. Sorry your quiet time was ruined. Great post and photos. Have a happy day!
What a beautiful place to kayak just beautiful. Hug B
It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I've seen!
Lynn said…
It is beautiful reminds me of home (West Coast Canada) , I do love the tip of your red canoe!!
William Kendall said…
Very pleasant! I can see its appeal.
Missy George said…
Gorgeous..You are so lucky to be able to enjoy this beauty
Ruth Hiebert said…
This is certainly a beautiful place.
TexWisGirl said…
sweet blues.
Stephanie said…
Gorgeous views!
Looks just wonderful. Was it a large group of girls, or a group of large girls? Perhaps it was a hen party?!
Beth said…
Beautiful photos, Beth! Hope you are enjoying your summer; it's almost over. :(
Cheryl @ TFD said…
It's very beautiful! That is just my luck...having a peaceful time disturbed by a bunch of giggly girls. lol! Hope it wasn't too bad. Have a nice weekend!
Junkchiccottage said…
Very pretty. So happy you stopped by to read the Spotlight feature today because now I have found your blog. I am a new follower through email. Love your sweet blog.
Linda said…
All that blue water! Thanks for sharing!

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