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Elkhorn Lake, Virginia

Hey there!! On 7/6/2015 we got to go to this 54 acre lake, Elkhorn Lake, Virginia. Not sure how it go it's name, there are no elk or horns? I'm not sure if the elk use to roam these lands or???! This lake is part of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. The whole drive to this lake the skies were threatening the chance of rain, The hubby said it was suppose to be more southern storm, but those skies were wild, as we were loading up the kayaks to leave the skies opened & it poured down. 

Please take a listen to the vlog of that day!! Enjoy!!! Beth ( :


A Quiet Corner said…
If it wasn't so darn chilly this morning, I would be out there it!...:)JP (oops, I mean OM)
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful views off the edge of your paddle.
Lynn said…
I love the sound of the breeze/wind and when I first saw the tip of your canoe I thought'd already been to Elkhorn Lake, silly me. Peaceful video...
Ruth Hiebert said…
Great shots. I love the views from on the water.
It is fun trying to work out why some places are named isn't it! Very beautiful whatever it is called. xx
LesleyAnn said…
I have enjoyed your blog for a few years now. Took a break from the computer this summer and am so glad to see you're still blogging now that it's time to visit again! My cousin, whom I adore, lives in south central VA, with her family. She and her husband have started kayaking, hiking and biking. Their goal is to hit every state park in VA. I'm going to recommend your blog to her. I get excited seeing where you've been and what she has to look forward to. Great photos.
William Kendall said…
I wouldn't mind paddling on that lake.
Michelle said…
I would love to be there!
Jeanne said…
Looks like a lovely spot to kayak and enjoy the day... Even with rain
Betsy Adams said…
Never been to nor heard of Elkhorn Lake, Virginia. Looks like a beautiful lake. Hope you finally did get to kayak...

Not much fall color here in our part of TN yet--but we have had quite a bit of rain lately... I'm ready for some colder weather AND sunshine... ha

Stephanie said…
Wonderful shots!
I have not been there before but it can't be that far from us. I will have to Google it. Nice shots!
don said…
Fine views of this great looking place. I'm glad you were loading when the rain came to minimize how wet you got. :-)
EG CameraGirl said…
Looks like a lovely lake to paddle!
What a wonderful place! The view from the lake is beautiful.
I so love seeing the lake!!!

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