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Northeast Creek Reservoir, Louisa, Virginia

Before we get into the good amazing pics I am going to share today ... let me talk a bit of every day life ... what has been happening with me. The hubby and I went on a trip over 2 wks ago enjoy a Casita rally in Arkansas, was hoping for cooler temps. It was a real ball. Met lots of new friends and got to see some super awesome buddies. I had gone all summer not seeing in copperheads and was super happy about that ... was hoping my go for copper was going well ... well during that rally i got to see one and then came home to start my yearly fall chore of raking leaves and there was one to greet me. LUCKY ME. not!!! All good ... life goes on ... but Let me tell ya it was not fun.

How come we have not heard much about the gas leak in Alabama recently ... it did affect us while traveling home through Nashville ...scared the pooh out of me ... I was wondering if we would make it home. Apparently it will only affect southern Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama ... I might have forgotten a state ... but We are seeing an increase in the $$$ price of gas, are you noticing this?

Just 'cause I have to ... I was sorry to see that Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting a divorce... 'cause in my humble opinion all divorce is sad. I will say ...if it had been me ... I would have always picked Jennifer Aniston. She was my favorite ... any who ... ON TO Northeast Creek Reservoir, Louisa, VA. EnjoY! ( ;

Hey there, if you know anything about my " kayakin' " tan ... it is so much worse than a "trucker tan". I have a tan in so many different levels on my legs and arms it is too funny. So I wore my suntan lotion & thought I got every where ...but the hubby found a bit of a burn on the left back lower shoulder. I'm guessing the life preserver was not covering that area at the time for some silly reason. NUTS!!

It was a noisy day, the funny thing was it was just myself and the hubby there kayakin' around. The herons, woodpeckers, train whistles, & other creatures were making all sorts of noises. Take a listen to the vlog from that day. It was a quick day trip in the middle of July. Gorgeous hot & humid day. Enjoy!! Thank you for stopping by. Take care. Beth ( ;


TexWisGirl said…
yes, all divorce is sad. i always have to watch for copperheads here, too. be safe!
Anonymous said…
So wait... you were raking leaves and encountered a copperhead snake? Apparently we have them here, but I have never seen one. I hope not to either. Your trips always sound so fun. According to the news, the gas leak is causing "minimal environmental issues." All lies, I'm betting, considering it's affecting all those states you mentioned. As for Brangelina, not shocked. They're all nuts.
eileeninmd said…
Hello Beth! Your trip with the casita sounds like a lot of fun. I would be scared silly if copperhead was in my yard. We do have them nearby though. I usually see the Garter Snakes and some Black Rat Snakes while walking around my yard. I must not be watching the news I did not hear about the gas leak in Alabama. It seems they can find any reason to raise the gas prices. I think the press has gone on way to much about the Jolie/Pitt divorce, who cares really? Love the photos and video. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!
Ruth Hiebert said…
Lovely scenes.
Summer said…
Very beautiful photos! Happy Monday ♥
I've never been in a kayak! What fun!
Glad you had a great time!! xx
Tanya Breese said…
pretty camping spot...yuck on the copper head! i have been very lucky and haven't seen any snakes this year except for a dead one in the road...i hope i didn't just jinx myself!
Missy George said…
Sounds like a fun trip..NIce pictures..Watch out for those Copperheads! and that sun!
William Kendall said…
That does look like a good spot to paddle!
Debbie said…
Beautiful images of what looks to be a great camping spot!! I really enjoyed kakaying when I went recently and hope to get out in the water one more time, before the weather gets too cold!!

I haven't noticed any increase in gas prices but I don't drive so I am not filling up the tank and don't really notice!!

Angelina and Brad...if it was broken, they should have fixed it. Marriage is about forever!!
The lake is gorgeous. I love the lily pads and the butterflies. Take care!
Jenn Jilks said…
Neat spot. What a sight, a snake!

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