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Monday, October 31, 2016

Grayson Highlands State Park & VA Creep Trail, Virginia

I was going to do 2 separate posts for this camping trip but it was only very quick weekend trip back in July of this year. Enjoy the vlogs from that day. We had a ball, such a great trip!!

1st part was our hike on Wilburn Ridge. 2nd day was our bike trip on the VA Creeper Trail. I think one of the most uncomfortable parts of the trip is riding in a huge van with people you have not a clue who they are... you just know that you are going to all be riding the trail. They van you up the mtn & you bike back to Damascus, VA. It is a 17 mile bike trip. Very easy. Not too much work at all.

One of our favorite state parks to camp at in VA is "Grayson Highlands State Park". We love this area 'cause you have the opportunity to bike the "Virginia Creeper Trail". Yes, we did make another hike adventure to "Wilburn Ridge". If you click each those names it will take you to our previous trip back in 2015. We took this trip in July of this year. What we love about Grayson Highlands is the fact that the weather there is so different from where we live. The elevation is so different... one of the reasons why you have to really be concerned with the changing weather chances. One minute it is clear and sunny ... next a thunderstorm is a brewin' & you will need to take cover asap!!!  

Gotta talk about a few of the shots ... the little colt ...not died just taking a nap. So cute. Yes, I am 38 this year. Shocking ...not happy about it, but I am wearing it proud. LOL!! 

Thank you for stopping by today I hope you had a blast here. See you again real soon. Big Big hugs! Beth ( : 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Salmon River Lighthouse & Marina

Hey there!! Welcome. Hope you are well today. Let's talk, "Salmon River Lighthouse & Marina", New York, I sure wish that lighthouses were still cool to so many others, I love them, finding them around the USA is so fun. One of life's many many treasures. Thanks for stopping by. Have a super great day!! Take care. Beth ( ;

Monday, October 17, 2016

Niagara Falls - New York & Canada

Niagara Falls, New York verses Canadian side? Which is your fave? This was our 2nd visit. Our 1st visit to the Canadian side. FUN to see. 

I guess to me, what I notice most about the American side the fact that is more nature, where as the Canadian side is more commercial.

Please enjoy the vlog from that day. Here is my thoughts on each of the border crossings ... Canadian - they always want to know will I be taking up a job or whatnot while there? Ok, Canada we were there for maybe 2 hours at the most, how can I get a job that quick? But after watching a show on Netflix all about the Canadian border, I now understand the reason behind asking me about this every time. I get it, now why couldn't they just say that, so silly. American border, they asked us way more ?'s than the Canadian side & we are BORN & RAISED Americans, weird huh? We were walking, not driving. What is the big deal with the border dudes any ways? They wear sunglasses so you can not see their eyes. Weird? Is that suppose to make me nervous? YES, I think so. & let me tell ya it works, I am always concerned they wont't let me back in??! How could you dislike this face? The dudes cologne was very strong, he was cute, ... how do they ever meet any ladies or men??! Thanks, for stopping by today. Have a great day! Beth ( :

Monday, October 10, 2016

Golden Hill State Park, New York

Golden Hill State Park, New York, we loved this park our 2nd trip there. Our 1st trip was in a tent, this time was our 1st trip for our Casita "Cozy Casa". We loved it. So so fun. Thanks for stopping by!!! 

Please enjoy the vlog from that day. I love flag & I had a moment ...had to take a video of this amazing moment!! so cool!! ENJOY!! Beth ( ;

Monday, October 3, 2016

West Branch State Park, Ohio

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by today, let's chat about our trip to West Branch State Park, Ohio. We were there to celebrate my 38th birthday. SO SO fun!!! Such a great place to kayak. Loved it! Such a peaceful time. 

Please enjoy this vlog from that day. Take care!!! Beth ( ; 
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