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Sims Drug, Wilmore, Kentucky

Sims Drug, 319 E. Main St. Wilmore, Kentucky, 40390. Opens 9 am 'til 6 pm. A great place to stop in to yester-years, pick up your drug store needs and get a bite to eat. We got some band aids, chicken salad sandwich, meatball sub, pickles, chips, 1 soda & a milkshake. Curious minds wish to know? Why is it that these kind of dill pickles are the bestest? They really are good, so you think well I will buy some from the grocery store, but they are never that delicious? Any thoughts? 

Thank you for stopping by today, hope you are well. See you again really soon. Take care, Beth ( :


Ruth Hiebert said…
Looks like a super cool place.Thanks for sharing this.
Ida said…
That food looks so good and the decor is so nostalgic.
It looks like a great old fashioned kind of place to stop!
Bev said…
Cool building...looks so cute inside and the food made me hungry!
Debbie said…
this place is adorable, really cute, i like the b&w with red. the sandwiches look pretty darn yummy and fresh, i would have gotten the chicken salad on the croissant!!

the red table and chairs outside look like they were placed there just for you!!

have a nice day beth, are the storms past you?? our weather is pretty wild right now!!
William Kendall said…
Clearly drug stores there are not like they are here!
Missy George said…
It looks like the Pharmacy that we used to stop in on our way home from school...They had sandwiches and sodas..Ice cream too..I'm getting hungry..That sub looks yummy..
Michelle said…
I've been there! Such a cute place!
Tanya Breese said…
cute little place and the food looks good! i know what you mean about the pickles!
Rose said…
The shot of the booth reminds me of Happy Days...and the food looks delicious. We love places like this.

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