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Butterfly Atrium, Hershey Gardens

Are you a butterfly, moth fan like I am? I love wings ...such great colors. I did have a few that I just could not catch ...they were too too fast. Would only land for a bit and then gone in a flash. "Butterfly Atrium, Hershey Gardens, Hershey, Pennsylvania". Please enjoy a vlog I did take while in the Butterfly Atrium, those suckers sure do fly fast, I hope I do not make ya too drunk ...surely not my point. It was such an amazing area of these gardens worth cost of your tickets. Well done!!! I have a little pouch that holds my camera and I have several ironed on patches ...3 of them are little butterflies, one of the ladies did ask me or was curious about the butterfly and how I got them to land there on me? They have these rooms at the beginning & the end of the butterfly atrium, for you to step into before you leave ...they don't want a stowaway on you ...sometimes the wings might try to get away???! Hey there!! Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed! Beth ( ;   


eileeninmd said…
Hello, wonderful photos from your Hershey visit. They do have a great butterfly house. Happy Monday, Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!
Ruth Hiebert said…
Oh wow! That is a magical place. Great pictures.
Missy George said…
Great shots Beth..I need to take my camera for a visit..I have never been there..It was never open when I was in the area..Have a good week...
lynn cockrell said…
Your photos and video of the butterflies are beautiful, Beth. We went to Hershey but the gardens area was not open and it was pretty cold that October. We hope to return there in the future. Didn't you just love the smell of chocolate in the air all around there? We did!
Rose said…
Oh, Beth...I love butterflies and moths, too. And I did enjoy your vlog.
William Kendall said…
Wow! What a place to visit!
Debbie said…
i have only been to the "new" butterfly house once but hershey has always has one. this one is really elegant!! if you can withstand the hot temperatures, you could spend quite a long time here in paradise!!!

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