The Packard Proving Grounds, Michigan

Let's for a minute, go back in time. .. to The Packard Proving Grounds, Historic Site, Michigan, "Packard Motor Car Company In 1899 brothers James Ward and William Doud Packard founded the Ohio Automobile Company in Warren, Ohio. In 1902 Detroiter Henry Joy and several other local investors purchased the company, moved it to Detroit, and renamed it the Packard Motor Care Company. During the 1920s and 1930s. Packard set the standard for luxury and design. Under the direction of chief engineer Jesse G. Vincent, Packard, known as "America's Master Motor Builder," also made advances in aviation technology. Vincent contributed to the development of the Liberty aircraft engine during World War 1 and predicted the growth of commercial aviation. He considered a proving ground to be essential to high quality." Such a fun day trip for us while staying at Algonac State Park, Marine City, Michigan. It was a fun free trip, lucky for us a couple and their parents were looking into having their wedding there and we could sneak and see the cars, I am not sure if that would be something they normally do, but lucky for us we got to see all these amazing cars, I do have 20 more pics ...the hubby got the camera ...he loved every second. I'm just curious, why we have gone to cars that have very little style, creativity, amaze, so breathtaking. The cars of those day and age ...such style, those details ...I know they might have great brakes or safety features we have today ...but come on. So amazing!

Just saw a note on their brochure, we got from visiting there "A rare opportunity to preserve one of the last remaining properties from the Golden Era of automobile production." I could not agree more, I guess I should say what a positive side that they have just these tiny morsels of what is left of that era. Thank God for that!! Who ever had a clue to save them, genius! I wish more folks would realize we need to save the important stuff, keep them for kids who grow up in the future!! ( ;

if you wish to get more info please head:
...apparently it is a big site for folks who are wishing to get married, I didn't get the view... or see the vision of why you would want your wedding there, the dream is gone, that too me is the hugest heartbreak, there is not much left, the memorabilia, the land that these men did own has been sliced up and made into numerous other businesses, plots of land, there is only bits and pieces left, there are tons of rough edges, and it needs so so much work. But to each his/her own. I appreciate old cars, if you know anything about me, you know that!! I guess I should have grown up in a different era ...just imagine! Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your day! Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…
Hello, this looks like a neat museum. I like the cute house. Great tour and photos. Thanks for sharing your visit. Have a happy day and week ahead.
Sandi said…
A trip back in time!

Sigh...but things change. I wish they didn’t.

William Kendall said…
What beautiful cars!
Rose said…
I love the dashboards of the older cars!

Happy Thanksgiving, Beth!
This N That said…
My grandparents used to have Packards..Beautiful old cars..Big!!!

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