Byram Swinging Bridge

Hey friends, are you a lover of bridges? We love going and seeing old bridges, ones that are now just for decoration, maybe for folks who enjoy fishing or just to walk across ...such fun! I am not sure if you are like my hubby, he love jumping on bridges like this I love walking really slow, just thinking about feeling grateful, in the moment and just enjoying the day. I feel sort of drunk if the bridge start moving too much, gives me a very odd feeling, I never had a problem with heights as a kid, but as an adult it has changed a bit, I would not say I have a fear, but a difference of opinion on height comforts??! I think it is partly an inner ear/sinus thing??! Byram Swinging Bridge, Byram, Mississippi, built in 1905. Apparently they do have a Bridge Festival, not sure if that happens every year or not, but I found a website, but didn't see a year?! For more information please go "here"!!! Thanks for stopping by, hope you are well this week. Take care. Be Well & Be Blessed. Beth ( ;  


eileeninmd said…
Hello, I love the bridges and the views from bridges. I am with you when they start bouncing, I feel wobbly. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!
Ruth Hiebert said…
This is pretty. I am quite cautious about which bridge I will walk across, especially a swinging one.
This N That said…
I love bridges..The views are often stunning especially if they span water..Bouncing bridges are not my favorites..Have a wonderful Holiday..
Rose said…
I love the bridge. And boy, have I changed about heights, too...I climbed all over our barn when I was a kid. didn't matter the height. I climbed down out of half the apple trees in the orchard at work over the 19 years I worked there...and I might still could do these things with my hands on something. But I could not get up and walk on our roof with ease....I doubt I would even stand up on it.
A wonderful swinging bridge! You don't seem them like this often. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
William Kendall said…
It's quite a pretty bridge.

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