Matagorda Bay Nature Park, Texas

Hey there folks!!! Matagorda Bay Nature Park, Matagorda, Texas, I just love typing that word over and over, 'cause it took me forever to learn how to spell it. It is a long tough word. I am curious how they came up with that? I need to goggle it? & find out. We did some biking and hiking while there. By the end of the rally most folks were wearing pants and using bug spray. SO these are a few I wish to share with ya. The bugs were nuts, they loved our Virginia skin and blood. Yummy to them Texan bugs I guess. Hope you are well this week. Take care!! Be Well & Be Blessed!!! Beth ( ;


Debbie said…
looks like a beautiful place beth - gorgeous captures! the only downside to the outdoors is the bugs and i have heard they have a lot in texas!!!
Ruth Hiebert said…
The place looks beautiful, but I'm not a big fan of all the bugs. Hope you escaped with a minimum of bites.
William Kendall said…
Beautiful shots!
Linda said…
Beautiful photos!
This N That said…
Love any pictures with water in them..The bugs will be here soon..75 today..luckily back to the 30's tomorrow..

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