I Am Jewelry - CVS

Hey there, friends!! Today, I wanna talk about something a bit different, I know this is a travel blog, and that is my normal thing to share with you all ...I did have to travel to CVS to get these ... ...does that count? 
Did you know that CVS sells jewelry? Did YOU?

Yes, in fact your local CVS might sell "I AM" jewelry? Be sure to go check... here are some "??FAQ??" to check out. I just jumped onto YouTube, and see a video of a lady who showed the jewelry way back in 2015, so maybe this is NOT a new thing??! 
I'm trying to recall the moment I first saw that in fact CVS did sell jewelry? I was rotating the holders around and around, like a kid in the candy store, WHAT CAN BETH NOT LIVE WITHOUT? let me think, let me think??! ...it was so exciting. 
They really dress up an outfit. Wonder if they do other holidays? 
I love jewelry ...never would have imagined a store that does sell a bit of everything these days would finally sell something that would be right up my alley and reasonable $$ priced. 
They do have both silver and gold tones... rose gold too.

Why is some jewelry so pricey? 
💍💍💍 💍💍💍
Most of the pieces (don't quote me...) they are below $20 bucks.
I can not tell you how many ladies have said that is a gorgeous necklace or bracelet ...and I will respond ...YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHERE I GOT IT??? And it starts up this great conversation of how I 1st found out that CVS does sell jewelry, REALLY??! CVS, I got your back ...call me. wink. wink.

💍💍💍 💍💍💍
 Thank you for stopping by today. If you need a gift, a anniversary present, just something to make some one smile a bit more, or even an engagement ring ... I would totally suggest checking out I Am jewelry.
Have a great day. Take Care. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;
💍💍💍 💍💍💍


Ruth Hiebert said…
beautiful pieces.Now if only we had a CVS around hereabout we don't.
Missy George said…
Pretty Beth but my engagement ring better not come from CVS! I would have to have one of those pricey Ones. I guess I am a jewelry snob!
Busy Bee Suz said…
Who would've guessed? Not me! I love the pieces you picked out; very unique.
Linda said…
Cute pieces!

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