Kayakin' N Alabama

We took some time to enjoy those Alabama waters ... I didn't realize that this was my 1st time posting about the great state of Alabama ... I find that really odd? I gotta look into that, maybe I just forgot to include them or tag them???! ...we always make a point to stop in probably once a year, gotta stock up on my favorite ginger ale "Buffalo Rock", since 1901 (I'm FAMOUS, I found my instagram pic on their website, so cool. Had to call my parents to let them know I am so famous, made me smile so big. Hope they know how much I Love their GINGER ALE!!!) so head 2 their website and let me know if you see my smiling face!! http://www.buffalorockgingerale.com/ ... of course we picked up was it 7 or 8 cases ...now don't think silly we don't drink it all, we love giving them away as gifts or just passing them out at rallies so others can try that amazing southern spice!!! It is a great conversation starter ... 'cause you see my hubby and I differ on what is the best ginger ale out there? I say BUFFALO ROCK, he says Blenheim Ginger Ale from South Carolina. Sure wish I could send you some too. If you are ever in Alabama look them up they are made by the Pepsi Company. Not to long ago I did some research and found out that they also make Grapico, since 1916. I am in love with this new found love, a lovely tasting purple soda. It really reminds me of a purple soda I had as a kid & it is Caffeine Free. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care!! Be Well & Be Blessed!!! Beth ( ;


Sandi said…
One thing I know about Alabama is they have HUGE gators. Did you see any?
William Kendall said…
It looks like that was a good day for a paddle. I have never been in Alabama.
Ruth Hiebert said…
You find beauty wherever you go and I like that.Have a great rest of the week.Finally getting to feel more like spring over here.
Linda said…
It’s been decades since I visited Alabama. I remember that it has varied topography and some beautiful places.

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