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Wild Easter Lilies?

Hey there!!! Welcome, glad you are here, These were seen while kayaking ...I am guessing they are some sort of lily? They sure do look like Easter Lilies??! Cool, huh? I wish I could have gotten closer but I was trying to steady the kayak while I got my camera just right and zoomed on in??! cool, huh??! 

It is funny how when you are a blogger, you start looking at your collection of photos and you know that the share pot is getting smaller smaller and you really should be adding more to that share spot instead of just sharing all the time. I am at that spot right now. But forcing the issue is not what you need, as an art you gotta feel the call have to feel a shot ...not force it. So I have a few to share and I am hoping to have more soon. How do you feel when it comes to picture taking?

We went to a Fiberglass Rally in Alabama in March 2017 called Green Eggs and Ham, boy was it still cold even though if it was held in Alabama ... I took my short just in case it was warm ... so cold. My hubby thought it was refreshing? You see we recently lost a camping friend and it was a tough rally. So many of were reminiscing our trips with the both of them and wondering why he had past so suddenly? What moments we like to recall of him and how fun he was. He was a pretty quiet man but the moments we did share will be forever remembered as great and so special. I am super blessed that we had the time we did and it was so fun!!! Rick was so quiet my older age I have found I do take time to just be quiet and take it all in. I tend to like the more quiet folks 'cause I do find a uniqueness in or with them, Faye we love ya, You see Faye had just started getting her camper in order, it was so cute, all decorated and such, it was too soon, or at least it was to us??! ...I feel out of sorts, missing my budding Rick. His humor, his jokes??! Not sure why, but his passing as touch me, not sure why or how some one I didn't know for very long can cause such pain? A feeling of loss, I keep asking GOD why, we needed him here you know? Faye, we (my hubby & I) we needed his friendship. Friendships are hard to find, ones that are real special or different, feel that part of you? you know?! Does loss feel different at different ages or times in your life? Wonder why? I do find myself in tears at times, wondering why? Trying to recall the times we did share. It is just plain tough. Frustrating at times. 

Do you ever carry on with your life and just need a moment? Too breathe and just stew a bit?

Lately I have not felt like picking up my camera??! I know I need 2, but it just feels like you wanna enjoy that trip and that special moment (one you might not have again, this is a great one, you wanna soak it all in and never forget, will it be your last? when will it be your time? I know don't sound so dramatic but you never know, only God knows when it is your time, you know??!) and not feel pressured to take a picture? Does that even make sense? 

So please enjoy this post and for all the folks we have lost some one recently or even a long time ago ...these blooms are in their memory. We honor them and their time we had them here in the real. We Love You Rick you will be forever missed. Rest In Peace. Bless You ...sweet travels in those heavenly clouds. Thank you for stopping by and hearing my thoughts. Have a great day. Take Care. Be Well & Be Blessed!!! Beth ( ; 


Ruth Hiebert said…
The flowers are so pretty. They do look like Easter Lilies.Losing someone we love is always hard and I might add, keeps on being hard for a long time.I do agree with you, that we never know when it will be our last day or moment.Thanks for sharing from your heart. Hugs.
Busy Bee Suz said…
They certainly appear to be in the Lilly family. So sorry about the sudden passing of your friend Rick; he sounds like a nice man. Love and prayers to you and his family in this very difficult time. I really feel that sometimes we have to put the camera down and really soak up our's good for the soul.
William Kendall said…
Death is a shock at any time, but particularly if it's sudden. I'm sorry about your friend.
Ida said…
These do look like little wild Easter Lilies, so pretty.
So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, Rick. It's never easy losing anyone.

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