Warm Springs, VA

Bath County Recreational Campground, 7305 State Route 600, Warm Springs, VA 24484, They do have camping, no power or water. Dry camping as they call it in the camping world. So quiet there. You could just sit awhile and chill. Let's kayak ...sometimes lakes are kind of small ...looks can be deceiving?! LOL! Not much shade, lots of red winged black birds though ...they were too quick for me to get any shots. A beautiful tune they do sing. Be Well & Be Blessed!!! Take Care!! See ya next time! Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…

Another beautiful spot to go kayaking and camping. Pretty scenes and photos.
Enjoy your day!
William Kendall said…
That looks like a good spot for a paddle.
This N That said…
Yes, you never know what's around the corner..Very calm waters that day..Hope all is well..
Linda said…
Looks lovely! I have been to Bath County. Guess I should go back.
This N That said…
Nice and calm..great for kayaking

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