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Drake Well Museum, PA

Drake Well Museum and Park, 202 Museum Lane, Titusville, PA. 16354, "The Drake Well Museum and Park is a museum that interprets the birth of the American oil industry in 1859 by "Colonel" Edwin Drake along the banks of Oil Creek in Cherrytree Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania in the United States" enjoy! we were there on a Sunday, thankful there was a lady cleaning (they gate was open) and we told her we were only in the area for a bit, we could not wait around til it did open to the public, it was like 8ish or almost 9 am, it doesn't open on Sunday until noon i believe?? so we walked around real quick, took some pics and hope maybe one day again we will be in the area when they are in fact open and we see or hear a real tour. have a great day. i appreciate your comments. see ya again real soon. Beth ( ; 

Sherman Memorial Lighthouse, Tionesta, PA

It was pouring down rain when we did visit this lighthouse in Tionesta, Pennsylvania is called the Sherman Memorial Lighthouse. if you would like to visit: 5 Lighthouse Island, Tionesta, PA, 16353. we didn't even get out of the truck to take a picture, it was not open that day, if i can recalling correctly it was a Sunday that we did happen to be in that area of PA??! i am always amazed of how many lighthouses we do find that are not even close to water??! or they are close to water but not on it or in it?? aren't there some kind of regulation about that or something??! lol!! i guess most lighthouses these days are just pretty and for looks not really for finding ship, or showing the shoreline and all that jazz like the use to back in the day. check this beauty out in Lake Minatare State Park, Nebraska ??! such a great state park, if you are ever out that way? enjoy! have a great day. i appreciate your comments. see ya again real soon. Beth ( ; 

St. John's Episcopal Church, New York

If I was making up a story or dreaming about a church, this would be very similar to the one I would create or write about, it is just so cute, I wonder what it looks like inside??! St. John's Episcopal Church, New York, I am unsure of the city??! I did try to google it, but no luck? ...a trip we took gosh way about near my birthday May 23 ish, 2018 we saw this beauty. I got a few shots from my truck seat. So pretty, I love springy moment. Enjoy! I would have never guessed that St. John would be such a popular name, but apparently in New York is a very popular church name??!  UPDATE: since writing this post I've gotten more info: 110 Chestnut St. Youngstown, NY. 14174, Gothic Revival architecture, " St. John's Episcopal Church is a historic Episcopal church located at Youngstown in Niagara County, New York. It is a Gothic Revival style board and batten frame church constructed in 1878. "   have a great day. i appreciate your comments. se

Clear Creek State Park, PA

Clear Creek State Park, Sigel, Pennsylvania. 38 Clear Creek Rd, Sigel PA. 15860, (814)752-2368, what i really did enjoy about this state park was the ease that it took to walk around... some state parks are just not laid out well. you have to take a truck or bike to get around. this state park was great for walking, biking or hiking... a chance to watch birds or critters, folks fishing, and so easy to go from your campsite to take a look around all their antiques, old building and just enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors. enjoy! have a great day. i appreciate your comments. see ya again real soon. Beth ( ; 

Jesuit Chapel, NY

(sign says:) " Jesuit Chapel Restored By Knights Of Columbus  Fourth Decree Calvert Province Joseph W. Glenn, Master William H. Ryan, Faithful Navigator Dedicated And Consecrated By His Excellency Most Reverend William Turner Bishop Of Buffalo July 5, 1931" this chapel is within: Fort Niagara State Park, NY. i love history, and i enjoy reading about historical events or moments in our past and just seeing that the "Knights Of Columbus", had something to do with this chapel, is so awesome to me, wowza cool!! love it. i know a lot of folks talk about them, but it is a very hush hush organization. i will be soon sharing more photos from our trip to Fort Niagara, i did wish to share this section for "InSPIREd Sunday" , enjoy! " The French began building on the site of Fort Niagara in 1679. The third building project on the site was the “French Castle” built in 1726-27. As you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, on the