Sherman Memorial Lighthouse, Tionesta, PA

It was pouring down rain when we did visit this lighthouse in Tionesta, Pennsylvania is called the Sherman Memorial Lighthouse. if you would like to visit: 5 Lighthouse Island, Tionesta, PA, 16353. we didn't even get out of the truck to take a picture, it was not open that day, if i can recalling correctly it was a Sunday that we did happen to be in that area of PA??! i am always amazed of how many lighthouses we do find that are not even close to water??! or they are close to water but not on it or in it?? aren't there some kind of regulation about that or something??! lol!! i guess most lighthouses these days are just pretty and for looks not really for finding ship, or showing the shoreline and all that jazz like the use to back in the day. check this beauty out in Lake Minatare State Park, Nebraska??! such a great state park, if you are ever out that way? enjoy! have a great day. i appreciate your comments. see ya again real soon. Beth ( ; 


eileeninmd said…
Hello, it is a pretty lighthouse. Where in Pa is this? Enjoy your day and week ahead!
William Kendall said…
It looks quite formidable.
This N That said…
That must be on a lake..I don't think we have any coast line in Pa..??Different looking..
Ruth Hiebert said…
I think this lighthouse looks rather lovely in the rain.The dark sky adds drama.
Linda said…
Interesting. I certainly would not expect to find a lighthouse in Pennsylvania, unless it were on Lake Erie.

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