Fort Niagara State Park, NY

Fort Niagara State Park, New York, 1 Scott Ave. Youngstown, NY. 14174, (716)745-7273. if you know anything about Beth, you must know that she loves history, i just wonder why we don't build buildings like we did in the olden days? ones that will hold up, not fall down, with stand the test of time, decades and for years way down the line? i really had fun this day, just seeing the views, the men working there, it was fun to see the interactive side, listen to their stories, see the views and just check out this old fort.

i wish i had gotten the lady names at the front desk area, she was just so kind, we told her what time we had, what we wanted out of our visit and she just told us what to see, where to have lunch, what not to miss, i love finding locals like that around. she was just a real peach, so kind. that is a saying, right??! an old friend immediately, loved her!! big thanks to her!! she was awesome!! have a great day. i appreciate your comments. see ya again real soon. Beth ( ;  


eileeninmd said…
Hello, pretty park and I love the lighthouse. Have a happy day!
William Kendall said…
The structures look well kept up, and the area has great appeal!
Maggid said…
Yes, "She is a real peach" - is a marvelous phrase.

I agree, instead of "cost saving" building materials, it would be excellent to see worthwhile structures . . meant to serve the People - now and the ones to come. (Built to last.)

Thank you for taking me along on your adventures.

love & love,

This N That said…
As you know, we are in the disposable age... if it falls apart it can be rebuilt and there is money to be made doing that. I love all buildings especially Stone ones... looks like a nice park. Glad you visited. Have a good week.
Linda said…
Looks interesting! That's sturdy construction there!
This can be seen from Stratford ON.

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