Adirondack Experience Museum, NY

Adirondack Experience - The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, NY, 12812. (518)352-7311,

Do you ever go to a museum and you just don't have the time to put into it that you need? I was so frustrated, such a sad face over that one. I am trying to recall over my lifetime (40 years now, several days there) that I have had to turn around and leave because we don't have enough time to cover the place??! It doesn't happen that often that I know of??! (this is totally why kids roll on the floor and have a tantrum, i get it!! you are visiting and you want to fit all this stuff, these activities into your visit and there is never enough time!! I could cry now, I so wanted to go. I wanna see this area in the snow time. wouldn't that be awesome!! so cool!) They recommend at least 2 hours to see everything at this one. So we given permission to go to their "The Lake View Cafe" to have some pie and drinks. At least we got to enjoy this view. I will say that if you are in the area, please remember to arrive at this museum super early and enjoy it all. Looked super great and very interactive. Great for adults and kids, kid of all ages. We are all kids, right? I so wanna go back, but we were leaving the next day and just didn't have enough time. It's on the list. have a great day. i appreciate your comments. see ya again real soon. Beth ( ; 


eileeninmd said…
Lovely view and the cafe sounds nice. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!
This N That said…
Sounds like a great place to visit. Nice view. Enjoy your week.
Linda said…
Nice shot! Keep it on your bucket list.

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