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Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island is located off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia, in Glynn County. It is one of the Sea Islands and one of the Golden Isles of Georgia barrier islands. The island is owned by the State of Georgia and run by a self-sustaining, self-governing body.

Let me tell u something about Jekyll Island, Georgia ... There is a $6.00 Daily Pass Charge ...not sure if that will change when you travel there, but when were there 11/06/2018, it was that price? WATCH YOUR SPEED. The cops are out and they are money hungry. Okay ...have a nice day ... That's all. Take Care. Kidding. But seriously your speed and you should be great. I was not comfortable on this island ...I would not fit in well with the rich folks was not something I felt or did enjoy. Now I am not broke ...but I am so far from rich it is not funny. & Maybe some rich folks are super nice ...I don't know ...but I just felt that so many people were giving you those over your glasses nose down at ya kind of looks ...and it was off season. Just saying! The birds didn't like me either ...we got dive-bombed by several birds too ...trying to eat our lunch at one of the only places open for lunch (OFF SEASON REMEMBER?!) ...and we made our quick getaway to inside ...trying to have a nice lunch outdoors ...u think u would b okay ... i am not kidding this bird ... I have no clue ... kind of the size of a crow (small crow but in brown coloring) he thinks he can almost land on my finger and steal my fries. I had an injured fingers, his claws HURT!! ouch! No thank you!! evil critter!! I really really don't like that ...makes u realize that someone has been feeding those birds and people like me have to deal that kind of intimidation!! NOT COOL!! I never understand why folks wanna feed critters any way ...not my style. I don't like beggars either, that bird was giving me the evil eye ... he could have poke my eyes out!!

Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you did enjoy your visit. Thank you for your comments and friendship. ENJOY YOUR DAY!! Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( :


Sandi said…
Ha ha...this would be a terrible commercial for the island! Beautiful scenery, but I am imagining the birds movie and snooty people...ugh! Somehow you made it both intriguing and horrifying.
eileeninmd said…

Sounds like the birds are being fed, sorry you were hurt. Pretty photos! I have been wanting to see the Jekyll Island mainly to see their lighthouse? I am not rich either but I can easily ignore the stuck up people. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day. Have a great week ahead!
Ruth Hiebert said…
The pictures look gorgeous. I want to sit on one of those decks or whatever they are called. Too ba you did not have a good experience there.
This N That said…
Beautiful place. I have been there but it was a long time ago. Would like to go back. Hope you’re staying warm.
This N That said…
I was there a very long time ago. Beautiful place. I wouldn’t mind going back there. Hope you’re keeping warm.
William Kendall said…
Bad bird! It looks idyllic.
Rose said…
Not sure how I would feel in this place, but I think I could enjoy it...always feel that people are just people. At least most of the time.
MarmePurl said…
Funny. I started scrolling through the photos and was thinking this doesn't look like your typical place. Ha!
As for me, It is a place I would like to see. On my someday list. I will be sure to watch out for diving birds.
Debbie said…
such a beautiful place!! i love to eat outdoors but it does not come without risks! that is one pretty porch!!
Linda said…
I felt like that on Hilton Head Island. You pay to get on and then most of the island is gated off! There are some tiny public beaches with expensive parking.

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