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Kayaking N Virginia

Hey There!! Let's catch up... I sure hope you are doing well. I'm doing good. Approaching another birthday ...May is the month for me ... I don't feel as shaky, unsure, unknown, curious, worried, etc. etc... as I did when I hit the big 40 ...but I wonder when age hits ya. I know I am getting older ...I don't feel my age. I am told I don't look my age. & I am clueless to know what a 40 year old acts like? Is there really a way to act at any age? I MEAN REALLY? Does any one really walk around going I know what I am doing. Or is every one just doing the best darn way they know how ...I wish the world and every one in it would feel a bit more comfortable being honest. Why the acting? Feel how you feel and just be. I am clueless and I am totally okay with that. (most of the time, lol!!) Or at least I am sure trying to be okay with it all. LOL!! I fail, and fail constantly but I keep trying & I refuse to NOT KEEP TRYING EACH AND EVERY DAY. I see folks worse off (whether it be health, age, whatever put it in here.) and they look so happy ....appear happy at least?

I'll tell you a story ...we were camping a fiberglass RV rally ...chatting it up. This lady starts telling me about her daughter having issues (marriage, kids, whatever, that is not the point of the story... gossip is not what i am trying to show ya here.) She says what would do? I said well, Pray, PRAY, PRAY ....she said I don't do that. Well, heck if i know what to do then ... u r on your own (i'm clueless what to suggest?) ... I thank GOD, that even if I have a rough time and we all have those moments ... I just know that I can learn from each and every moment. I am not going to get preachie (not a word, i know. but u know what i mean. right??!) live the way you wish, but I know who has my back. THANK GOD! ( ; 

I ran out of pics ...usually post on every Tuesday. Did you notice? I had been meaning to start working on new photos. I always share our trips well after they happen, I never know how folks are so organized to get them up so quickly. We finally got out kayaking ... back in April. Silly me just took my camera didn't think about writing down the name of the lake or anything. If you are curious ...I'll ask the hubs. Leave me a comment and let me know about your life, no matter what I would love to hear. Have a great week. THANK YOU, for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ;


Sandi said…

"She says what would do? I said well, Pray, PRAY, PRAY ....she said I don't do that."

Pray can lead you right out of a thick, dark forest. It's like saying turn left, then left again, now a hundred yards ahead and you'll be able to see again.

William Kendall said…
It looks like you had a good day on the water.
Ruth Hiebert said…
The pictures are lovely and to me it rally doesn't matter what the name is. I just enjoy the scenery. I am so thankful that even during hard time ,I have a God who takes care of me.
Shoot,40 doesn't seem old anymore.I just received my 40 year service award from the school division, that makes me ancient.
Rose said…
Prayer is the best any time. Sometimes it is hard to keep on keeping on for me, but that is what we are supposed to do.
Linda said…
Looks very peaceful!

I'm afraid some people grew up in a dictatorial religion that turned them off plus never taught them how to pray for themselves. Actually you can pray even if you have disowned whatever church you grew up in.
This N That said…
Goodness...I am almost twice as old as you are...Lovely area..Love the tree shot in the beginning..I don't think I would have enjoyed talking to that lady..I guess I'm just not a people person..Have a good week..
Jenn Jilks said…
A beautiful lake!
Hard to know what to say to some people. I do understand when others try to impose their beliefs on me. Yet, she talked to you. I say what you think will help. sigh.
Busy Bee Suz said…
You are still a whippersnapper. :) And no, we should never act our age.
What a crazy woman carrying on about issues and NOT taking your advice. LOL
Anyhoo....I'm in the same boat as you I think. I'm having SO many issues leaving comments on other people's blogs. It's frustrating!
Saimi said…
Nice to meet a fellow outdoorsmen, er woman. We love everything outdoors. Hiking, biking, camping (Glamping for me) Horseback riding, walking, skiing, snowshoeing. I think staying active keeps you healthy and young. I don't care much about aging, it's just a silly number, to me its all about living a healthy lifestyle. Personally I don't know how I could get through life without prayer, I'm so grateful for what I have been blessed with and I for knowing who I can turn to when times get rough.
Nice running into your blog!

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