Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa

Pikes Peak State Park
Physical Address:
32264 Pikes Peak Road
McGregor, IA 52157-8558

Hey there!! Pikes Peak State Park, was our home for like 4 days, during early May 2019 ...we got to travel around there and come back for the evening rest and relaxation time. Not too far from Wisconsin (where we did grab lunch or our morning coffee run to McDonald's in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. yum!! Love their coffee.) It was fun seeing old camping friends and getting to know new ones as well. This was taken at a scenic area right in the state park ...right across from the campground. Not a far walk or hike at all. We got to have a fire in their pavilion several nights. Wowza is Iowa cold. Well it sure was when we were there, rainy too. But we did our best and we enjoyed it all. So fun!! I hope I am not mixing up my town names, but with all the recent rain and such (flooding) Davenport their levees (I think I have the right word there, I tried to google it, but silly google is not liking my spelling? u tell me?) had been damaged and were flooded pretty badly ...maybe you saw that on the news ...we lucked out ...we saw the Mississippi River up ...but not any terrible damage. I think a lot of folks who do deal with water damage are kind of folks who just go with the flow. I don't mean they are not sad over the destruction but they are good hard working folks ...they know what needs to be done to continue their livelihood. I am curious what draws folks out to Iowa? I asked a few folks ...Farming? farms? What? Glad you did stop by. Have a great week. Take Care. Beth ( ;


Ruth Hiebert said…
When I see the name Pikes Peak, I think of Colorado and the Pikes Peak there. This is beautiful though. Thanks for sharing about places I would otherwise never hear about. Have a lovely day.
This N That said…
And what was their answer?? I'll bet the Mississippi was muddy..Looks like a nice place to visit..Have a nice wk..
Linda said…
Nice view. I've never been to Iowa. Maybe someday.
Rose said…
I think farming was what drew a lot of settlers to Iowa...I have not been to Iowa, but was right across from it. We should have went on over but we were on the way home....and once headed home, we usually just want to get home.
eileeninmd said…

Beautiful views of the Park. I have never been to Iowa! The camping sounds like found, always nice to meet new and old friends. I wish you a happy day and week ahead!

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