The Bily Clocks Museum, Spillville, Iowa

The Bily Clocks Museum
323 S. Main Street
Spillville, IA. 52168

The top picture is of Spillville, Iowa way back when. Cool to see what towns looked like back in the day. 2nd shot is the The Bily Brothers, they were amazing, such genius!!! My grandfather Pop-Pop made several grandfather clocks and other wooden (hand craved items) items throughout his lifetime, so I know the love, time, energy it takes to be handy like this... I'll admit it brought me to tears and I was pretty much speechless. How do explain art is really something you just have to feel, I never understood that in art class is art, if you feel it is art. You know??! I understand sort of why they men didn't want to sell their work, but can you imagine what their work would have sold for is just priceless!!! Some parts move, dance, sing, have music. I will be sharing more next 2 weeks, please be sure to check in for that. I got several close-up's. Thanks for stopping by. Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…

The Clock Museum is cool. I have never heard of Bily Clocks, thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week.
This N That said…
My grandfather used to collect clocks. I have five of them and will probably end up selling them. I love old clocks. And their chimes..Hope you’re having a good weekend.
William Kendall said…
I'd enjoy visiting there.
Ruth Hiebert said…
A lot of work has gone into creating these masterpieces.
Linda said…
Interesting. Old clocks are so much more artful than the digital ones.
Rose said…
I would sure like to visit this travel to some cool places!
Debbie said…
Nice Beth, it is fun to see how towns looked back in the day!! I wonder if anyone is making these clocks anymore??!!

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