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Hiking at Pikes Peak

Hiking at Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa 

I can still feel the burn ...that back of your leg muscle ...whatever that one is... gets me every time coming up up and down steep steps. OUCH!! But it was fun being outdoors getting exercise. Great views. Not to hot yet, but I bet it gets hot in the summer??! Those pathways were interesting to see ...they were moving and grooving. I guess that is normal, but sure feel weird under your feet think are these things going to hold up? With all the recent rain and such ...will I keep my balance, slipping abilities or what?? Never had an issue with heights as a kid, but I feel it a bit as an adult. I won't let it keep me from stuff, but I can sense it deal, next!! lol!! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care!!! Beth


Sandi said…
It is beautiful!
eileeninmd said…

I was thinking Pikes Peak was in Colorado, I did not know about this place. Looks like a great hike! Enjoy your day and new week!
Rose said…
I could not do all those steps now, but so remember when I could. Heights did not bother me till I got in my 40's I would say. Before that I did stuff that I can not even watch people do now.

I am sorry to be late answering your question about the blooms in my header...they are Honey Locust.
Rose said…
You seem to travel a lot...You should look up (google and then hit images) Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois. I did not hear of this area till later in my life, and we never made it there and I so wish we had.
Ruth Hiebert said…
Lovely place to walk. As a much younger person, I was proud of my lack of fear of heights and any other unstable walks. Now, not so much! I want stable footing to walk on.
Anne Payne said…
I feel my calf muscles burning like that when I hike South Mtn State Park in NC.
Saimi said…
Boy I hear ya, whenever you use those muscles you didn't know you had until you have to use them can be a real bugger. What a beautiful hike though, good for you for getting out and enjoying nature!
William Kendall said…
Still odd to think of another Pikes Peak.
Linda said…
That's a lot of steps! Have a great week!

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