Fort Washington, Maryland

Fort Washington - Fort Washington Lighthouse - Maryland 
13551 Fort Washington Rd
Fort Washington, MD. 20744

"Built to defend the river approach to Washington, DC, Fort Washington has stood as silent sentry for over 200 years. As technologies advanced so did Fort Washington, from the brick and stone of the 19th century to the concrete and steel of the 20th century.  Joining the National Park Service in 1946, the park continues to protect the Potomac River." ((more info. please see:

A gorgeous area of Maryland, we had a camping spot at Smallwood State Park, MD. So it was fun to check out all the local must see sights. Tour are before 4:30 pm, we arrived like 6ish we just took a walk around ...they allow you to walk around until sunset was great to see all the walkers, Marylandians enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, May 2019, the nice evening ...with walking, getting exercise, playing frisbee or just chilling. Great place to see. I hope they will take the time to get their lighthouse in better condition, you can see it there in the 2nd shot, well the top of it, the hat part, won't give u a close up 'cause I think it is really sad to see them like that, I have yet to see one so sad looking??! I get it that is old technology but still is HISTORY, gorgeous amazing history of all our people ...where we were and how we go to where we are now. History. Amazing history ...can you imagine depending on those lighthouses? Those ships, boats and other water craft ...moving through those waters??! So amazing!! You do what you can ...Check out if you are in the area. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day. Take Care, Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…

It is a surprise I live in Maryland and have never been to this Park. The views are lovely. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead.
Sandi said…
Times were so much simpler then. Imagine just a plain building, no advanced weapons or spying equipment, just guys in the woods watching out.
This N That said…
There is a Fort Washington outside of Philadelphia as well..not quite as rural..and it's not a fort..At least I don't think it is..Interesting post..Hope all is well with you..
Ruth Hiebert said…
It does look like a wonderful place explore. It is sad to see the lighthouses deteriorate like that.They played such an important role at one time.
Jenn Jilks said…
The forts are interesting. We might be taking our grandies to one at the end of the month. We shall see.
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!
William Kendall said…
A beautiful setting.
Linda said…
I haven't been there in years. Thanks for sharing.

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