Smallwood State Park, MD.

Smallwood State Park, 2750 Sweden Point Rd, Marbury, MD. 20658

A very quiet campground for us, Totally booked out for the Memorial Day weekend, May 2019. I think there were like 20 spots, I maybe off a bit, but pretty close. Probably one of the smaller state parks we have ever been too??! Nice sleep spot. I gotta tell you, we never figured it out. One night I wake up to this siren went throughout the night, but no clue what was going on?? I wish the state park would have mentioned it in their literature??! CLUELESS??! We never saw any one to ask either, so curious. We did notice across the water when kayaking was a military base??! Was it their siren? Thankfully we had a fan to sort of drown out the noise??! But it kind of makes you think that when you hear a noise, what can you do? What is going on? Crazy? Silly? Scary? WHAT??!

We were so lucky to take a kayaking trip, sometimes we run into a rain problem, kayaking in the rain is not fun. We have done that several times but it is not a fun time to be out in pouring rain. This was one of the coolest days were were there...these folks in photo one are just folks out for a kayaking trip and I was so happy I had my camera ready to take this shot ...perfect moment. Funny how they were all on the shore ...hubby had dropped me off with the kayaks and went to park the truck ...the time we was gone ...they had put in and were gone. I guess they were in a rush??! No clue. We love kayaking for the relaxing part rushing for us. We did play "guess the trash" amazing how many pieces of trash were on the shoreline. NOT sure if that was part of the State Park or not? It did have a "no trespassing" sign though??! So I am leaning on it was probably private property?!? Makes you think - We really need to watch our trash and what we are putting out into the world ...It needs more of our respect, u know?!? Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…

I think I have done some birding in Smallwood State Park, year ago. I am sorry about the siren, that had to be awful. Hubby and I noticed trash along our lake shore, I think the fishing people throw their trash in the water and it washes up to shore with the wind. All people should pack out their trash, how hard can that be! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day. wishing you a great new week ahead.
Jenn Jilks said…
I like to camp through your eyes! My back just wouldn't take it!
Ruth Hiebert said…
Lovely shots. these scenes look relaxing and peaceful.
Linda said…
Nice shots! Sorry you were rudely interrupted by sirens!
This N That said…
Sorry that the siren disturbed your peace and quiet.Sometimes looks can be deceiving...It looks so serene..I'm surprised that there was so much trash in a state park..not a good sign.
Debbie said…
i have been kayaking several times now, i have always wanted to go. both times i struggled with the current and waves from jet skies and boats. i need to find a calmer spot, as we just want to relax, like you!!

beautiful pictures, this looks like a calm spot. i like the bridge too!!

and who knows about that siren, i would not have been able to sleep!!
Rose said…
I would have hated the siren, but now would love to know what it was all about.

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