Waterwheel Restaurant, VA

The Inn At Grist Mill Square and Waterwheel Restaurant
124 Old Mill Rd, Warm Springs, VA. 

"Bath County’s most iconic Gristmill is home to the award-wining Waterwheel Restaurant.  Within the walls of a hundred + year old Mill, the Waterwheel is one of Bath County’s premier dining destinations since 1972.  Come and explore our creative menu featuring the freshest local and sustainable ingredients often featuring vegetables and herbs from our onsite garden.  This is our approach to contemporary farm-to-table dining at its finest.  Our small group of highly trained individuals provide exemplary yet warm and personable service in a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere.  Guests are invited to visit our wine cellar deep within the old mill foundation or enjoy a classic cocktail at one of the Commonwealth’s smallest bars – on one of the “best four seats in Virginia”.  When it comes to unforgettable and memorable dining, the Waterwheel Restaurant boasts a long-standing reputation as one of Bath County’s most desired dining destinations.

hi there, I want to say I have not had a meal like this in a very, very, very LONG time!!! It was amazing awesome restaurant, the food deserved a 5 star rating, or even more, for sure!! On August 24, 2019, we were celebrating with my parent their 50th wedding anniversary, the 3 of us (my hubby, brother & myself) wanted to do something special for our parents (how many people do you know that have been married for that long? it is like Bigfoot, or a unicorn, being married, happily is just not a thing that is very common any more, now don't get me wrong, all marriages have times of not good, sad, or times that you are like, OMG what was i thinking??! it takes 2, work well together, or willing to work well together!!!) it did include a stay at the inn that evening, which gave them breakfast the next morning as well, it was so fun seeing what Mom shared on her FB page). 

Everything was cooked so well, delicious, so so tasty, good, yum, yum, YUMMY!! I keep talking about it, I drool just looking at these pics again, I mean it was just that good. Nothing was served cold, it was just the right temp, the cucumber soup, I want some more soon. I hope we can get there again soon. The cost was not that pricey either!! THANK YOU, for stopping by. Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;


Sandi said…
Simple beauty and so comforting. It's like going back in time.
Ruth Hiebert said…
The food looks and sounds delicious. It was a wonderful thing to do for your parents.
William Kendall said…
Sounds like a good spot for a meal.
Linda said…
It looks very nice, and probably expensive.

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