The Swedish Crown, KS

The Swedish Crown Restaurant
121 N Main St, Lindsborg, KS

Hey there!! I completely forgot to take pics of the food we got, the hubs & I did share it, let me tell you it was a perfect plate to share, just the right amount of food. I think my favorite part was the salad, I am always dying for a good salad when I am traveling, I crave it. I just love my greens. We have never had Swedish food before (we have done most others like Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, American, I know I am forgetting some, but I love opening my mind, my palate and all those sort of things in my (our) life, u know what I mean?? so fun!!), very tasty and filling.

I did go online to look at their menu, so I can tell everything we did have: "Lingonberry Iced Tea, Lingonberry Lemonade (the waitress was super kind and gave us drinks 2 go as well, I have noticed that being a new thing, it is so cool, who doesn't need some extra refreshment on the go??! Such a fan!)
Swedish Plater: Swedish Meatballs in Gravy, Swedish Potato
Sausage, Dill Potatoes, Cucumber Salad, Slice of Swedish Rye Bread and a side of Lingonberries". My hubby said the lingonberry reminded him of a cranberry was a bit sweet and bit tart??! Hope you will get a chance to check it out. Great location, if you are into the Swedish flair of life. I will be sharing the street-scapes soon enough, so please stay tuned for that. It was a nice day when we did visit in early Sept 2019. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;


Love trying new food too!
I so miss vegetables when travelling!
Ruth Hiebert said…
All that food makes me hungry. I'm sure it was tasty.
Linda said…
Sounds like a nice place! Have a good week.
Debbie said…
the restaurant looks lovely, i would have enjoyed seeing pictures of the food. it does sound good, i am a huge fan of swedish meatballs!! i almost always go on line to see a restaurants menu before we go, i usually know what i am going to order!!

i am swedish beth, my maiden name was olson!
William Kendall said…
It looks inviting, Beth.

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