Allerton Park & Retreat Center, Illinois

Allerton Park & Retreat Center
515 Old Timber Rd
Monticello, Illinois

"The Robert Allerton Park is a 1,517-acre park, nature center, and conference center located in the rural Piatt County township of Willow Branch, near Monticello, Illinois on the upper Sangamon River." 

hi there, This was an interesting garden to find, we found a couple and did ask if they thought where we were wanting to park was a good spot, it doesn't seem to really matter. A lot of folks walking, enjoy the day, being with family, walking their dogs. Just a nice free spot to enjoy and take in the gorgeous beauty. So so pretty. We noticed a gorgeous hall where they were taking down, what I do imagine many have been a rehearsal dinner, wedding or other such party that happened the night before??! Very neat looking place to have a party or 2? Not that I have that kind of money, but I often wonder what it would be like to have all these pieces of property where you could just donate them for other folks to enjoy seems we have come in contact with lots of gardens just like that. They appreciate donations and benefactors who do give them the money to keep it up over the years... but it is so lucky for persons like me who get to enjoy them and just be in awe! Thank You, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care, Be Well and Be Blessed. Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…

Pretty gardens and photos. A beautiful place for all to enjoy!
Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead.
Ruth Hiebert said…
What a gorgeous place! Those gardens are beautiful and seem to have a sense of peace about them.
Linda said…
Very pretty. It looks like a formal European-style garden.
Tanya Breese said…
Wow what a find! It looks European!
William Kendall said…
What a pretty garden!

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