Eisenhower House, Abilene, KS

Hi there, Hope you are well today. I must say that I had this post completely finished, thought it was saved and blogger (google) had other ideas. LOL!! So I am working on it again. I did walk away for a while, was working on the post way about in Thanksgiving 2019. Don't you get your posts ready ahead of the time you do share them? I do. 'cause I never know what the hubby will have planned, that is one thing I have learned about marriage, you completely throw all you knew as a kid out the window when you marry someone completely different than your Dad!! When I did some research to tell you guys about this amazing President, we were visiting Kansas in Sept. 2019 ...so that was not yesterday, I had to re-jog my brain (memory). 

When in school I don't recall ever chatting about this President. Which looking back is extremely sad, he really did a lot or whatnot for our country ...it is not the point of good or bad, I am not making it about my opinion or politic opinion there ... just that during his presidency a lot changed (you make the thought or good or bad, I am telling you about our visit, that is it. I would visit any Presidents home, because I enjoy learning, we have visited most Virginia (not all) lived Presidents since I was a young childhood). I have always been a big fan of Thomas Jefferson, 'cause the man was so tall and had reddish hair. I know might be a silly reason to like someone, but it is true. I tend to like the odd balls. Just love (like) who you wanna love as well. 

Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower was the 34th President between Jan. 20, 1953 - Jan. 20, 1961, this is not word for word, so I don't feel the need to "italicize" it, when that happens here on this blog that mean I am giving credit to someone else. Here I am just lumping a bunch of info all about him into this post. I want to give you a timeline of when he was doing this work within our great nation. His Vice President was Richard Nixon (now that is a President I know a bit more about, he was always in the news and it was a huge deal, I can recall teachers speaking about him.). Maybe what I know most about his presidency is that sticker of "I Like Ike", which I now have a pin to attach to my Christmas every year to recall our trip. Good memory. 

Abilene, KS is considered his hometown. I really enjoy this museum within Abilene, KS. So within that house there 8 children live within that house!! Can you imagine, I didn't work with my brother in a household, we always picked on each other with one bathroom. My parents had theirs but we had one between the 2 of us ...he was always like what is she doing in there??! I wondered how it worked to have 8 kids there in one home??! I recall his Mother did make a point to see that all these men (boys) did learn how to cook, take care of the home, how to sew a button on. So cool & Very Smart! I will be sharing more about that area soon enough. Please stay tuned in with me, u will enjoy it, PROMISE!!! Thank you for stopping by. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ; 


Sandi said…
8 kids! They must have spent a lot less time in the bathroom??
This N That said…
Since I live so close to Gettysburg, "Ike" is pretty well known around here and to me..I have visited their farm several times..That house looks like a typical over house..small rooms, etc....needs a makeover..HAve a good week..
Ruth Hiebert said…
I like seeing those old homes and how richly they were decorated. DO I prepare my blog posts ahead of time? very rarely. I usually write them and post immediately .
Linda said…
Ike was a great general and a good leader.
Jenn Jilks said…
I plan posts ahead. I've totally deleted them, and accidentally posted them, too!
I managed to use the UNDO functions the other day. I was happy with myself.
I am so old that I remember his presidency!... he came to our area once and my high school band marched in a parade to welcome him. So as one of the bands two banner carriers , I guess I could sort of say I saw him in person...at least I was in the same parade. (I was a banner carrier instead of playing my clarinet because I couldn’t march and play at the same time. Two left feet didn’t matter so much just walking along holding the banner))).
William Kendall said…
It feels like a home.

A great general and a great president. He was able to step out of his military mindset, and that was one of the keys to being such an effective president, because great generals do not always make good presidents.

His book Crusade in Europe is a marvel to read.

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