Super Museum, Metropolis, IL

Super Museum, 517 Market Street, Metropolis, IL

"Truth, Justice and the American Way" (quote on the Superman statue)

Are you a Superman fan? As a kid my big brother was always really into superheros, so I guess it really rubbed off on me, because my love for them is there as well. I love Star Wars, Spiderman, all those cool movies, never been a fan of Star Trek. I mean I can appreciate it, but I don't love it, like I LOVE STAR WARS ...but we are talking SUPERMAN. I remember the old version from the 50's played by George Reeves (no relation to Christopher Reeves, who played the part 1978) was my fave. I've always had a love for black and white films. Maybe that's part of why I enjoy it more??! No clue??!?!?!??!!! I hope that soon this group who do own this museum will find the ability to move this museum to a larger space, it was busting that the seams with all these amazing items, but the lighting was not that great? I don't know about you, but I enjoy getting closer to check everything out, lots of dust and you couldn't see all the memorabilia that well??! Extremely tough to share with you guys, maybe bring your own lighting folks with you if you check it out??! Please don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, and only wish I had gotten a WONDER WOMAN bandanna while there, I regret that daily!!! Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are well!!! Take Care, Be Well & Be Blessed. Beth ( ;


This N That said…
Not a Superman fan..I guess I outgrew him...Interesting post though..
I HAVE to go hete!

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