Botany Bay, S.C.

Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area, 3,363 acre wildlife preserve located on Edisto Island, South Carolina. Bleak Hall Plantation at Botany Bay - 1840 outbuildings still remain - icehouse, shed and a smokehouse. Such a cool area of Edisto Island. Just so you know, even though we were visiting in late November ...those mosquitoes were jumping at the chance to eat some Virginian blood be ready for that!! You can bike, walk, or drive around the island ...not sure how it is during the busy months, but for us when we did visit, late Nov 2019 was pretty quiet. Go check out ... "Whaley's, 2801 Myrtle St." we went there for food, very good & the folks are super friendly. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well today. Take Care, Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;


Ruth Hiebert said…
Looks like a pretty place, but I'm not so much a fan of the mosquitoes .
Linda said…
Looks pretty! I ran into some hungry mosquitoes at Chincoteague a few times. Ouch!
eileeninmd said…

Sounds like a great place, except for the mosquitoes. Take care and enjoy your day! PS, thanks for visiting my blog.

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