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Illinois rambling ...

First trip of the year, we did travel to the great state of Illinois. Normally I have such a huge amount of photos to share that I never run out... or at least I can go kayaking on a weekend and fill the next few weeks til we are on the road. But this virus has really changed the world. SO many trips have been cancelled and I did wonder if this trip would be as well???! It was a quick get away and YES, we traveled 725 miles to get there in ONE DAY!! Why, well we wanted to spend our full time at Lake Shelbyville, IL. We got to kayak in the AM, before it got to warm. Did a lot of biking around the campground. We did socialize in a "social distant" way, wore mask into Walmart, Rural King and Menards. We do not like the masks way of life but I guess it is the way of the world for right now??! 

The hubby was driving when I took these shots, just snap and go, and click and CLICK again. I love doing that. Not knowing what you will get and some are pretty cool, some include the door mirror. 

I wonder about blogging sometimes, I see less and less comments here ...I have less and less time to visit others in return ...when I first started blogging I would spend so much time visiting and seeing folks, I honestly have no clue how I did it all with being a married lady, cooking, cleaning, I mean there is never enough time to do the things we love but chores are always there ...leaving such loving, detailed comments .. . it was such fun ...but I guess i understand ...I guess??! 

Here's hoping that we all will get back to more normal soon ...that you will spend those days with the ones you love, where you so desire (be it traveling, or at home, reading, working on your hobbies and all the fun stuff in our lives). Soon and very SOON!!

Hope you are well this week? Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by. Take Care!! Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…
Hello Beth,

What a beautiful sky, looks like a lovely start to you day. The trip sounds great, you do enjoy the kayaking. We went overnight to Shenandoah NP last week. It was our first trip away. Enjoy your day, have a happy new week ahead!
Jenn Jilks said…
Such energy! I will enjoy it from here!
Laurel Wood said…
That was a lot of driving but it sounds like a delightful trip and your pics are beautiful. I hate wearing masks/gloves too but about the only place I go is the grocery and dr. appts. We've not done any traveling for fun yet. I took about 7 months away from my blog only returning recently after several serious illnesses. It is nice to be back in touch with you and I appreciate you sharing your adventures with us! xoxoME
This N That said…
Beautiful skys..I think we may never be back to "normal"...Those days are but a memory..We will just have to adjust to the new normal.. Stay safe..
Michelle said…
Looks like a great trip. What is normal anymore? I have 3 more years of teaching left and I wonder what it will be like.
Ruth Hiebert said…
These are beautiful shots. I have considered dropping my blog and just posting on Facebook, but I would miss some of my dear friends. Hope you can enjoy each day and make the best of the situation we are in.
We are well and getting the RoadTrek camper van (Class B) ready to take out on some day trips ... or maybe overnights even. We don’t belong to any clubs here in Oregon, so it will be just us. After our heavy-driving cross country Trailer trip when we came home from Florida, we were ready to pretty much just sit home for awhile, but now I need to see some different trails! I am learning not to mind the masks so much ...sure beats the alternative (if you get really sick with Covid, you might need a tube down your throat to breath. That would feel much worse than a mask does! )). ...... on blogging, I think I first read yours back when we were full-time RVers. Then almost all the bloggers I read were fellow RVers... now, I think most I read and comment on are nature or travel bloggers... they are a pretty active group....RVs seem to be making a huge comeback due to nobody wanting to stay in motels any more. So maybe the RV blogging community will pick up again.
Linda said…
I think people are on Facebook and similar apps so they spend less time on blogs.
Linda said…
Pretty skies! Stay safe.
Betty Crow said…
You were in my neck-of-the- woods. I’m originally from Toledo, IL. It’s near Effingham. I had a bad case of blogger burnout and basically stopped blogging. I loved watching your videos about products you tried and loved your adventures. I’m blogging again, but only once or twice a week. It can be time consuming. I hope to visit more often.

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