Mid America Motorworks, Illinois

Mid America Motorworks - "My Garage Museum"
17082 N US Highway 45
Effingham, IL 62401-6764

So we were in Effingham, Illinois early June 2020 during the "mask wearing times" ...you know how so many folks were taking "selfies" with their mask on ... NOT ME ...didn't realize that the hubby took this shot ...so there I am with my mask on ...NOT PRETTY ... i don't like it one bit ... can't breathe ...feel i am like cousin to Darth Vader, LOL!! I feel so like my space is so tiny ... have to go to my "happy place". So frustrating ...but any who ... happier thoughts. I am not sure why there is a BMW parked at the garage? ...no it was not open ...but the hubby took some pics, looked through the window and captured several pics as well ...so it was fun moments or 2. 

I will tell you I know what they call this area "Effingham"? 'Cause that silly STOP LIGHT got us each and every time. LOL!! just kidding folks, but it sure was hilarious at the moment ...my humor gets me every single time, HUMOR is the best. 

Thank you kindly for stopping by. Hope you are well today. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


eileeninmd said…
Great photos, Beth! It is nice to see you, even wearing the mask.

Best to be safe! Take care! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!
Laurel Wood said…
Fun place! Like you, the masks make it hard to breathe and they are so hot. Wishing you a nice remainder of the weekend. xoME
This N That said…
I guess you can make a museum from anything...Hope you are staying cool...
Linda said…
There a couple old gas stations here that have been restored. It seems odd that they are antiques because they are from my parents' time.

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