Nethers Mill, Etlan, Virginia

Nethers Mill, Etlan, Virginia, 22719

The hubby just loved this mill so so much!! It was really so well taken care of ...I wish all pieces like this, such history would be taken care so similarly. The hubs said why not a restaurant or something, wine bar or something drink related??! Just a chance to enjoy the mill and that cute are of Virginia. 

On the very same day we did get the chance to see I think the hubby said 5 different mills ...amazing how they are just every where ... if you missed "Millwood Mill", please check it out and enjoy that beauty as well. SO FUN!!!

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well this week. Take Care!! Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…

These old mills are interesting. They make great subjects for your photography too. I am glad the mills are well cared for too.
Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week!
Jenn Jilks said…
That is interesting. A bit of history.
Ruth Hiebert said…
Thank you for sharing your adventures.
This N That said…
you know I love the old Mills. Always great subjects for photography and history. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week stay safe.

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