Brightwell Mill

Brightwell's Mill 
"100th Anniversary"

Hey there, we did journey to see this mill early July 2020. So hot and humid the day we traveled there, but it was so fun. Luigi, sure did have fun, he loves having his picture taken. Do you name your vehicles? Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ;


This N That said…
It has been a hot summer for sure..Another wonderful old Mill...Happy Anniversary..
Ruth Hiebert said…
Great pictures. My car is Eddie the Edge, because it is a Ford Edge.
Jenn Jilks said…
They are such a part of history!
Linda said…
Looks interesting. Maybe I'll get down there someday, when travel becomes easier.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, Beth

Love the old mill and water views. Your car is cute.
Have a great day!
betty-NZ said…
I love old places like this and get excited knowing they are still around!

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