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Chapel and Columbarium

HEY THERE!! Hope you are well this week... 
this can be seen within the historic Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg, VA.

((signage there by the chapel))
Chapel and Columbarium

This chapel was modeled after the 1880 Ivy Chapel Union Church in Bedford County. Most of the construction materials and furnishings were salvaged from the demolition of the c. 1870 Hermon Methodist Church at Oakville in Appomattox County. The bell was specially cast for the Cemetery Chapel by the preeminent Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London, England.

Today the Chapel pays tribute to the many religious leaders buried in the Cemetery since 1806. It also provides a unique setting for funerals, weddings, and other special occasions. The Columbarium in the lower level of the Chapel contains niches and crypts fro the final resting place of future generations of Lynchburg's citizens. 

The Chapel and Columbarium we completed in 2006 to mark the bicentenary of the Cemetery.  

Thanks, for stopping by. Take Care, Beth ( ;

Linking Up to "InSPIREd Sunday", so glad to finally be sharing another gorgeous church. It only happens so rarely these days. I wanna travel ...hope to capture more soon. Come join us!!


eileeninmd said…

What a pretty chapel, Lovely series of photos! Enjoy your day! Wishing you a very happy new week ahead!
Jenn Jilks said…
Well, live and learn! I had to look up 'Columbarium' and I've learned a new word. Great spot.
This N That said…
Boy that's a tiny one..I guess people were smaller back then too...Have a good week..
Ruth Hiebert said…
That is a cute little chapel.
Linda said…
It's a precious little building! Looks like it has more space on the inside than I expected.

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