Village of Graves Mill

A pretty neat little community ...very cool to see that in 2020 they are still pretty close-knitted, they sure don't make areas like this much any more, very very cool ...i'll be sharing the church soon. Stay tuned.

"Village of Graves Mill
The community is named for the Thomas and Sarah Dulaney Graves family and their gristmill. They settled here in the mid 1700s. Early on. tobacco and flour were taken to Fredericksburg and shipped to foreign and domestic ports. In the late 1800s apples and other products were shipped to train depots at Gordonsville or Somerset. The village supported families from the mountains and foothills..."

Hope you are well this week. Take Care!! Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…

It is a pretty place, great series!
Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead.
This N That said…
you know how I love those old Mills..Thanks for sharing your pics...Have a good week..
Ruth Hiebert said…
It is good to see these historic places preserved.Hope you will have a wonderful week., Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog.
Linda said…
I don't recognize this park. I haven't been to Graves Mill in years. Was there with a friend before the flood of 1995. We went back after the flood and saw people salvaging things from a home that had been moved off the foundation. The old post office was destroyed. There was a small car buried in mud. Talked to a man who had been rescued along with his dog. He said some young Mennonite men came by after the water receded and shoveled all the mud out of his home!

Ida said…
Very quaint and charming little village/mill.

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