Jerry Sullivan's Mill, Standardsville, VA

Jerry Sullivan's Mill, Standardsville, VA

This was recently added "Virginia Historical Mill Register" (not sure of the correct name, this is just a guess.) We had visited "Village of Graves Mill", and chatted with the caretaker and he had recommended this mill to see that it has been recently added to that historical registry. I don't believe we have seen too many RED grist mills ... only a rare few. What about you? Thank you for stopping by today!! Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;


Barbara Rogers said…
Great mill glad to hear it's being preserved!
This N That said…
Looks small..Cute mill...good pictures..Enjoy your week..
Ruth Hiebert said…
Looks cute and in very good shape.
Linda said…
Oh, I've been to Stanardsville but was not aware of this mill. We don't see many wooden grist mills. They don't last as long as stone mills, and many of them burned down. Thanks for sharing.
eileeninmd said…

Great captures of the mill! It is pretty, lovely area.
Take care, stay safe! Have a happy day!

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