Jurustic Park, Marshfield, WI

Clyde Wynia, has "Jurustic Park", and his wife Nancy's workshop: "Hobbit House", these gems are located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, Check out their website: https://www.jurustic.com/ 

We were so excited to buy a critter ...we start picking what we wanted out, going around pointing at this one and that one ...oh let's get this for my Mom for Christmas & on and on!!! Then come to find out Clyde only takes CASH!!! What??? We are in 2020, who doesn't take credit cards?? Apparently this dude. LOL!! So scratch that plan. So we got "Clyde" the dog, (please see the 2 pictures above of that signing moment) the real Clyde did sign him and away he went with us. 

The artist Clyde was so funny, such a great sense of humor, one of many fun, hilarious, great story for each & every critter there at "Jurustic Park" and so fun to chat with. We had a blast. So fun. Please if you are in the Marshfield area of Wisconsin, check them out. Nancy was so kind, she let us use her home driveway to park our truck & trailer in ...she was rushing around going to be a volunteer nurse ...both of them, this amazing couple are officially retired but they enjoy their volunteer parts of their lives so so much ... No picture of Nancy ...but she was there for a bit of our visit. They have 2 dogs and a cat 2. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…

I love all the metal sculptures, I think the fish are my favorites.
It is a shame they do not take credit, I can understand the need for cash. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!
Barbara Rogers said…
What fun critters they have there! So glad you got one to bring home with you!
This N That said…
Too bad he didn't take a credit card..He must lose a lot of business because of that..Glad you rescued "Clyde" Enjoy
Ruth Hiebert said…
THat looks interesting . I am sure this couple enjoys it as. much as anyone .
Linda said…
What cool stuff! That dragon head is awesome!

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