Batesville Market, Batesville, VA

Batesville Market, 6624 Plank Road, Batesville, VA 22924

What was delicious there you might ask? Their "sticky buns", we got some 2 sandwiches, dish of tuna salad and one sticky bun to go home and I about died, the hubby was super kind and let me have most of it, my mouth is watering now just thinking about it, don't ya wish that when you hesitated about buying more than one, someone would hit ya and say in your ear go on, buy more, do it!!!  ...that was so so YUMMY GOOD!! Wish I had known and I would gotta a few more. A fun quick stop by if you are in the area. 25 mph speed zone, so a great spot to walk, breathe, take in the local quiet life, music, scenery and enjoy the local feels. 

Update: We drove through "Batesville, VA" over the weekend of 12/6/2020 ...didn't have time to stop to get even more photos, it is amazing how different it can feel, during different season, or whatnot??! Really a great quaint must see place. Make sure to stop on in very very soon. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well this week? Take Care. Beth ( ;


eileeninmd said…
Hello Beth,

If I am every around Batesville VA, I will look for those sticky buns. They sound delicious. Happy Sunday, have a great new week ahead.
Ruth Hiebert said…
It sounds to me that the cinnamon buns alone would be reason enough to go there.
Linda said…
They smell good, don't they?