McGilvray Seven Bridges Road

 McGilvray Seven Bridges Road

"Northwest La Crosse County, Wisconsin, in the Van Loon Wildlife Area. Located on a former vehicular road is a unique combination of five rare bowstring arch truss bridges and one low truss bridge."

I am not sure if you are a "BRIDGE" fan, but suddenly my hubby has been locating even more "Steel Super Structure" in our travels, while we are already on that route, why not stop and see a bit more history. These roads and bridges were traveled by many Model T. I remember asking my grandfather "Pop-Pop" and he recalled that kind of vehicle on the road, so cool. I mean us kids, we just don't get it, cars were so more cooler than ...maybe not efficient, better on gas (guess we can drive at night, long trip) or tires or this or that ...but so much more unique then. RIGHT?? Amazing to think about the history, the outfits that folks were wearing, where were they headed, who with, all those sorts of curious questions??! Makes you wonder.  It was a warmer day and we only walked to see 3 of them. But there were seven and the mosquitoes were NUTS!! Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


eileeninmd said…

What a pretty bridge! I love the last photo showing the river and bridge.
Take care, have a happy new week!
eileeninmd said…

What a pretty bridge! The last shot showing the river and bridge is my favorite.
Take care, have a happy new week!
Maggid said…
I enjoy your messages . . . the things you share always lift.
I agree, our history is So Colorful AND Cool.

The other thing about today's post . . it looks Bright and Warm - which is a gift today . . because outside my window it is grey, damp and chilly . . . not frigid - but chilly.

My pup & i went walking in the woods earlier - it was nice. It's interesting how the breeze talks through bare trees.

We had a great time . . . BUT, the warmth of your photos - sure look inviting. (Of course, we had no mosquitos today . . giggle)

love & love,
Ruth Hiebert said…
These old bridges make wonderful photo subjects.
Linda said…
I'm glad they preserved these bridges. My mother was a fan of old bridges and old mills. She should have been an engineer!

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