Blue Heron Mine, KY


"Blue Heron, also known as Mine 18, is a former coal mining community or coal town on the banks of the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River in McCreary County, KY. Blue Heron was operated as a company town of the Stearns Coal and Lumber Company. It's coal mines opened in 1937 and operated until December 1962..."

I find it amazing how many folks we have chatted with on our traveling that didn't even realize that Kentucky has a huge number of mines. (What rock have you been living under? Mine HUMOR there!! LOL!!) Not sure if they are just thinking the West Virginia is one of the main mine locations or not??! Coal is a huge deal, I am sure there are many other resources we get as well??! I just can not imagine the time, energy, money (I would think the pay now is maybe a bit better than in the past, I am just guessing there, but I would think that there would be like hazard pay, right? This kind of job is so dangerous at times) but back in the day they didn't get pay that. (I was running back through my posts, hoping to find a Coal Mine store in West Virginia, so frustrating when you can not find something, any who, short story was we were super lucky to see it open (a recent trip not long ago, we saw it was for sale, so that is so sad.) and get the whole story, it was a store for coal miners families, it was arranged to be able to see all customers, know if they were stealing, what was going on, we were just blown away that coal mining you really have to lean on your employer and know they are truly in charge of it all, you are just the employee and live by their rules always. unless you wish to be on the street, broke and without a way to pay the bills) Amazing, how the views are from those railroad tracks above, a real aerial view. Gorgeous!! Thanks, for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;


Barbara Rogers said…
That's interesting, and I do think KY as well as TN had lots of mines and small villages dependent upon them. Mountains bring various minerals as well as coal availlable to be dug out! North of my home in Black Mountain, there's still a strip mine going in Spruce-Pine NC. I think mica is among the things they get...but it slips my mind...something that's useful in electronics these days.
Jenn Jilks said…
Those coal mines were awful, back in the day. Terrible treatment of miners. Thankfully, they are weaning NA off coal.
My brother works in a gold mine. He has interesting tales.
Take care!
William Kendall said…
Those railway tracks do stand out.
Ruth Hiebert said…
I am sure some of those views would be amazing.
Linda said…
I like that railroad bridge. Did you know that in West Virginia, Walmart now employees more people than the coal industry!

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