Mill Springs Park, Kentucky


Mill Springs Park, 
Mill Springs Mill, Monticello, KY

This was one of my favorite mills to see, the caretaker was a real gem, he was so respectful, kind and I just wish we could all be so kind to one another, any one we do meet. I love finding someone who has had a history within the mill, his father was the caretaker before him,  he was concerned about the mill and it's future, you see the state is trying to come in and take over, instead (I think the point is it is state owned now, and national parks wanna comes in, now I will never say, which is better, cause I honestly do not know??! As a private person who enjoys visiting different travel spots, I want spots to stay open, I think it is important to share and get others to visit, why the world goes around, why folks who don't get travel, if you don't travel you down learn and grow. it is important for the mind and soul. I am not saying you can not think otherwise, so be that, but I love learning. always.) of privately owned they wanna own it themselves, I always wonder what is best??! You want the mill to say in this condition (get better not worse, I've not seen a mill that the outside and inside is so clean, well taken care of, the walking paths, the grass, rocks, I mean it is just amazing.) and never have it go down hill. It's such a beauty!! He was real knowledgeable about the area and my hubby began to ask him about this mill and that one ...picking his brain. Fun to see what the locals think (being a person who knows a lot, I would totally recommend to any one, please ask the locals, never trust those big folks, I am sure you know what I mean. Finding the off the wall, off the beaten path spots is so fun, so entertaining and awesome for your travel life)... Where to eat? Where to go? Who to see? All that jazz. Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;


Jenn Jilks said…
I love meeting dedicated people, like this! Great spot! Cheers from the deep freeze (-20!)
This N That said…
Such a pretty area..beautiful Mill..Love seeing them especially when they are well cared for..Thanks for sharing..Enjoy your week..
William Kendall said…
Wonderful shots!

There's an old mill still operating here; it makes flour, and is open as a local museum as well.
Ruth Hiebert said…
It is good to find real caring people. it seems that in today's world they are becoming a rarity .the mill looks to be both well kept and interesting .
Linda said…
Interesting post. I like visiting old mills.
Debbie said…
hi beth, i always look for locals when we go on trips. they share the best information, and all the things you should not miss on your trip!! the mill is a beauty, how nice to know it has been well cared for!! i have seen the big year, many times...and i still make blog books, although i am about 1 year behind. i need to catch up!! it was nice to see you, many thanks for all of your kind comments!!!

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