Zaharakos Soda Fountain

 Zaharakos - since 1909

329 Washington St, Columbus, Indiana

Let me see, can I recall what we had for lunch ... we got a huge cobb salad, (I am not sure how you are when it comes to salad, but when I find a good one, you better believe I am going to keep getting over and over, and if I did live around there I could totally see myself getting this one again, it was so delicious, great selection and the dressing was so good 2. don't recall the name of the 2 drinks we got, but something they were famous for, mine was green, and my hubby's had something to do with OJ?? We were smiling over their use of paper straws, now I get why we are changing, but they still just do not hold up over time of drinking a small drink, they start to dissolve right there within your drink, so silly.) that was enough to feed myself and the hubby completely but we did get dessert to go which was a milk shake (which was so creamy, and delicious, enjoyed that on our drive away, this is in the city, so we had to figure where to park, parking situation and all that jazz, but it worked out very well). They really had the service down so well, wearing their masks and being very respectful. Oct 2020 we were there. Thank you for stopping by today, Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Ruth Hiebert said…
That looks like a quaint shop. I would expect that any food they serve would be tasty.
William Kendall said…
Very old fashioned.
Linda said…
I am impressed that they still use it.
This N That said…
Very old and very interesting..I agree with you about salads..Can't beat a good restaurant salad..

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